The most popular Sunday Columns of 2023 - Part II

Noel D’Cunha’s Sunday Column is a popular read for the Indian print industry. He penned 50 columns in 2023. In this two-part series, we select seven such Sunday Columns which were the most discussed and debated

31 Dec 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

“Keep a healthy approach to business” 

Unexpected challenges can come from any quarter. Relying solely on low-profit margin jobs can be a risky strategy for print-packaging companies, Sheena Parikh, joint managing director of TechNova, tells Noel D’Cunha in this interaction. Being different, being agile and providing a bouquet of products is the 2023 mantra.

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AIFMP president sees a decade of bright prospects for the Indian print industry

Ravindra Joshi, president, All India Master Printers’ Association, sees an upside potential. “India’s steadfast domestic demand and rapid infrastructure development are insulating its economy from recessionary pressures. Indian consumers are also likely to have more disposable income. Consequently, overall consumption in the country could double from USD 2-trillion in 2022 to USD 4.9-trillion by the end of the decade,” says Joshi in this interaction with Noel D’Cunha. “This, in turn, will lead to more print-packaging business.”

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Newspapers in India, growth is back 

Amit Khurana, the deputy CEO of TechNova Imaging Systems, talks to PrintWeek about newspaper trends at Wan-Ifra Indian Printers Summit 2023 which transpired on 14-15 September in Kochi.

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Industry says print and packaging to see major growth in 2023

We wrapped up 2022, and have entered into a new year. In this Sunday Column, PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? look at how the print and packaging industry see 2023 developing. Optimism remains despite headwinds.

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In the HP partnership, TechNova sees brighter prospects in digital printing 

Pranav Parikh, chairman and managing director of TechNova is among the few who have been able to see things from both industry and business perspective. In this conversation with Parikh, WhatPackaging? tries to understand why he believes there will be an upside potential in digital printing’s growth in coming times

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How Bindwel is adding value to books and the book publishing industry 

Pallippuram Sajith, managing director of Bindwel Technologies discusses how the role of book printers and publishers is changing. Among other things, building speed to market should be a priority, and meeting challenges like quick turnarounds, and short- and very short-run production with appropriate technologies, says Sajith. 

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How Bengaluru has bounced back in the post-Covid era

A closed-door roundtable forum was organised in March, as part of the silver jubilee celebrations of the Karnataka Offset Printers Association (KOPA). The following are the edited excerpts from the confabulations which saw six stalwarts share their factory updates, plus how they coped with the pandemic. 

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