The Best of Five: Product Picks

Here are five new product offerings in the past one month

08 Nov 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Flint’s coating products: Flint Group Narrow Web has introduced two UV-flexo coating products to improve the recyclability of shrink sleeves and pressure-sensitive labels. Using different chemistries, the Evolution Deinking Primer, for shrink sleeves, and the Evolution Caustic Resistant Overprint Varnish (OPV), for self-adhesive labels, are designed to increase the yield of material in the recycling process. Both coatings have been recognised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers to comply with the critical guidance for PET packaging.

HB Fuller’s adhesive for paper straws: HB Fuller India has announced a new food-safe adhesive under its leading Swifttak brand to meet the increasing paper straws demand. Developed by local HB Fuller scientists, the new water-based technology enables improved food-safe solutions that maintain straw integrity while the consumer is enjoying a beverage, and create durable paper straws that withstand three-hour resistance in a wide range of liquids.

Flex Films’ barrier film: Flex Filmshas launched its new patented BOPET high barrier film F-UHB-M, designed to replace aluminium foil in flexible packaging applications. F-UHB-M addresses challenges of the converting industry that has relied for long on aluminium foil for packaging. With its new specially-formulated BOPETstructure, F-UHB-M comes with superior gas and water barrier while achieving one of the lowest oxygen and moisture barrier values.

MonotechSystems’sPixeljetminiRTR: Monotech Systems has launched a new version of their existing six-ft UV LED roll-to-roll printer named PixeljetminiRTR. The advanced version of miniRTR is capable of printing high quality indoor and outdoor signage along with various interior décor applications. It is now available with the Ricoh industrial grade printheads.

V-Shapes’ print, fill and seal converting machine: The companyhas developedV-Shapes Prime, its entry-level print/fill and seal converting machine in partnership with AstroNova’sTrojanLabel and SteuckartVerpackungstechnik. It features an inline TrojanLabel T2-C high-volume full-colour digital label press for inline printing on the top of the sachets. Sachets can be printed using SIHL ARTYSIO substrates that are certified recyclable for an eco-friendly product.