Techno Roll in India: Quality press need quality rollers

Provin Technos, the India representative of RMGT and Miyakoshi, among other products, has announced a joint venture with Japan-based rubber roller manufacturer Techno Roll, to be established as a new entity in NCR, Techno Roll-Provin India. The company has been registered and joint venture is under process. Vinay Kaushal of Provin Technos explains why rubber rollers make good business sense

01 Feb 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Techno Roll will manufacture NBR and PU rollers in India

What are your insights for the rubber rollers market in India? Being a new player in the market, what will be your strategy?
Considering the number of print companies and number of operational machines in India, it’s one of the biggest markets in the world. Earlier it was driven by secondhand machines, today the market is moving towards high quality and efficient new machines and value-addition in printing. This change necessitates the use of good quality consumables. Techno Roll is a 40-year-old company and is an OEM supplier to many printing machinery manufacturers with Provin’s expertise in sale and service of printing machines in India. With the joint venture, the best of both companies will be a great force.

In a market with ten existing manufactures, do you think it has space for a new player?
We are aware of the market, and surely it’s crowded, but at the same time, there is enough space for good quality rollers. We are certain that with the USPs of our product, we will be able to make enough space.

How is your product different from other available rubber rollers in India, especially in terms of technology?
Techno Roll specialises in making PU roller as well as NBR rollers, which are very good for UV printing. We are going to manufacture both NBR and PU rollers in India. With constant research, Techno Roll have developed rubber and PU, which offer very good print quality and long life. As part of the policy at Techno Roll, we are starting field testing for rollers in India with specific customers.

What are the key markets on your radar?
Initially, we will be focusing on the commercial and packaging markets.

Have you encountered any specific demands from Indian printers?
We have done our market research and in general, printers for good quality and life of rollers, coupled with reasonable price, of course.

What’s your one line mantra for your product offering?  
High quality rollers made in strict compliance with Japanese manufacturing process.