Sustainable packaging lights up Philips LED

WhatPackaging? case-study about Adeera Pack's eco-friendly alternative - and what brands can achieve

04 Sep 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Top brands across the globe are gearing up to meet their corporate social responsibly targets of switching to sustainable packaging by 2025. Thus, of late, there has been a range developments and innovations in the field of sustainability. Both the package manufacturer and the brands are taking concrete steps to innovate for the future. One such brand, Phillips, partnered with paper bag specialist Adeera Pack, to develop a sustainable packaging alternative for its LED lights.

Brand brief:
Phillips as a brand is a stranger to none. The company has been at the forefront of innovations for decades. And as a market leader, the brand is aiming to fulfil its sustainability agendas. The brand says that it is focusing on improving the energy efficiency of its products, using fewer resources and more recycled content, avoiding the use of hazardous substances, designing for circularity, and making its packaging easier to recycle and re-use. 

Here is one such project aligning with the company’s vision.

The challenge:
Phillips’ LED light packaging comprised a plastic wrap in its primary paper box package. As the box had a rough interior, the purpose of the plastic packaging was to prevent the lights from any surface-level scratches or abrasion and provide a protective cushion. The brand wanted to replace this single-use plastic wrap with an eco-friendly alternative. Besides this, the brand also wanted to  eliminate moisture damages, maintain the pack's humidity levels – a key aspect for the packaging of lights. Thus, the challenge was to find a cost-effective, durable and sustainable solution, all at the same time. 

A glazing package:
Focusing on reinforcing the package’s barrier properties coupled with the elimination of plastics, Adeera developed a scratch-resistant paper pouch with a smoother interior. “The smoothness was achieved by glazing the paper from the inside on the papermaking machine. The machine glazing process was done on uncoated paper to provide shine and smoothness to the end product,” explains Sushant Gaur, founder and CEO, Adeera Pack. 

He added, “The process ensures the tensile strength of the paper is retained while providing a smooth uniform glaze to the paper. Usually, the machine glazing process is carried out on the outside of the paper for a superior printing finish. We thought of an innovation – using this technique for product protection.”  

In addition to the glazing, the paper also comprises a water-resistant coating on the outside to protect the product from moisture damages. 

The result:
Adeera Pack is now providing paper pouches for the packaging of Phillips LED Downlighters. “The final package passed all the rigorous lab tests, samplings, and market trials required to ensure the launch of a perfect package. The brand lauded this environment-friendly package and implemented the packaging concept for a range of products,” says Gaur. 

Gaur: We have opened up the electrical industry to paper pouches

A new avenue:
With this project, Adeera has opened up the electrical industry to paper pouches. These paper pouches also suit the packaging of belt buckles, plastic scales, garden sprinklers, cycle chains, and metal zip sliders. “We are also running trials with car manufacturers for developing a similar solution for the packaging of spare parts,” he says. 

“Another step forward could be using anti-rust vapour corrosion inhibitor paper with machine glazing and water-resistant coating. This will enable high-ferrous goods to be stored inside paper pouches to sustain tough environmental conditions and increased shelf life,” concludes Gaur. 

All about Adeera Pack
Adeera Packaging is a paper bag specialist. Founded as Urja Packaging by Sushant Gaur, the company adopted the brand identity of Adeera Pack in 2019. 

The company focuses on manufacturing bags and pouches made from recycled and agro-based paper, along with tassel bags, linen and paper packaging for medicinal gauze, and food items among others. The company’s clientele includes pharmacies, retail outlets, and grocery stores among others. 

Adeera uses agro-based paper processed from sugarcane bagasse and other agricultural waste. Besides this, it uses food-grade, water-based inks for printing on paper bags, pouches and other packaging products. At present, the company has five manufacturing facilities across India, equipped with the amenities for multi-colour printing of premium quality and green packaging products.  


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