A new star in Solar

The Bhargavas have a longish legacy in commercial print. The family welcomes its sixth-generation to the print business. With ink imprinted in genes, Nikita Bharagava dreams of taking the century-old Solar Press to the apex. Mugdha Gangoli talks to the 23-year old, who holds a bachelors in international business, to understand her outlook towards print.

02 Jun 2015 | By Mugdha Gangoli

Mugdha Gangoli (MG): What is your idea of a perfect printing press?

Nikita Bhargava (NB): Quality and innovation are the elements that count to make a perfect press. We believe it is the goodwill of the company which takes it to great heights to become a reputed and an idolised press.

MG: What is the current state of your press?

NB: The business is expanding. And so is the company. A new unit is being developed in the outskirts of Kanpur. Further, planning in regard to buying latest presses and selling-off some under-utilised ones is also in the pipeline.

MG: Going forward, what is your goal for the next five years?

NB: To be a leader in high quality printing and packaging.

MG: Which has been your firm’s greatest extravagance in terms of investment?

NB: Our new unit in the outskirts of the city.

MG: A virtue that has held your company in good stead in all the years...

NB: Our commitment towards quality.

MG: An area of improvement...

NB: We are lucky to have a great pedagogy and rich technological and human resources but we never cease to strive for perfection.

MG: What is that one asset of company which sets it apart from other print houses?

NB: Solar Press started as a commercial printing unit in 1904. Today, it symbolises a prestigious name in quality printing and packaging. Probably, over the years printing has entered our blood. The truth is we just love it and this is what helps us relate to our customers both professionally and personally

MG: One thing you dislike about a customer...

NB: Expectations for quick deliveries with last minute changes from customers

MG: Which has been your favourite print job? Briefly explain.

NB: Table calendars. We were highly appreciated for its quality and design.


MG: The question you most like from a customer…

NB: Would you like to become our printing/packaging partner?

MG: What do you value most in a print job?

NB: Consistency and finishing.

MG: Which words/phrases are most widely used in your company?

NB: Progress, quality, consistency and production.

MG: Which talent do you seek in your team?

NB: My team should be inspired and ready to take new challenges. They should take ownership of their job and complement each other.

MG: Greatest achievement in company?

NB: With my experience in auditing during my stint at KPMG, Pune, I implemented processes to mitigate internal risks and improve governance in cost cutting, quality checks, efficiency and manpower utilisation.

MG: Which is your treasured technology? And why?

NB: Our Heidelberg SM 102 S+ LX has boosted operations manifold and has proved to be a fruitful investment.

MG: If not a print entrepreneur, where would you be?
NB: In media and advertising.
MG: If you could change one thing in the print industry...
NB: Lack of regularisation in prices.
MG: What is your one line assessment about digital print?
NB: ‘Innovation and customisation’ are what the customer wants in his product. Digital printing provides both, and a lot more. It’s a boon to the industry.
MG: Which press in India do you admire (other than your own)?
NB: Thompson press in Delhi. It is much organised and technically sound.
MG: Future of print...
NB: Escalating