The Screen Print Man

Printers who are not still familiar (or never heard of) with advanced screen printing technology were either amused or confused while watching live demonstration of screen printed UV special effects on a semi automatic screen printing machine flanked by a UV curing machine at the Grafica stall during Print Pack15.

27 Feb 2015 | By Shripad Bhat

The reason is that manual screen printing is still rampant in India (and all over the world). Many of these printers had never seen screen printing machines in action and the varied value additions, other than decade-old spot UV.

What I have understood during PrintPack is that a large number of printers in the offset sector are still not aware about the automation in screen printing. 

Recently during my visits to offset printers I saw manual screen printing still in operation for spot UV in in spite of the existence of advanced screen printing and availability of automation. This holds true even for the large-sized firms. 

Grafica’s aim at the show was to spread awareness to as many printers as possible about value addition. The Grafica team explained the concept of value addition to knowledge seeking printers from the offset/packaging sector. Printers keenly interacted with them to get tips and new ideas.

While a normal screen printer would use screen printing machine for commercial, graphics, industrial and textile printing, an offset or packaging printer would definitely need this technology purely for print decoration or value addition to be done over duly offset printed commercial or packaging jobs, what is also called as print embellishment or print finishing.

A word of caution, ‘value addition is easier said than done’, it requires adequate knowledge else printers will hesitate and then give up.

So, scores of offset and packaging printers who visited Grafica’s stall at Print Pack exhibition spent time to gain insight into the value addition application of screen printing.

Value addition is where the profitability is, and that has been the mantra of all big award winning printers be it Pragati Offset, Jak Printers or Vishwakala.

Long live screen printing, screen printing zindabad!


  • Owing to its international presence – in USA, South America, Europe, Middle East, Bangladesh, Africa, Vietnam, etc, Grafica received many expression of interests from overseas machinery dealers for possible distributorship


  • Scores of visitors across the globe, mainly from offset and packaging field watched live demo of screen printing various UV special effects on Grafica Nano-Print plus and Nano-UV


  • Many of the printers were still not aware of the complementary role of screen printing in offset printing. Grafica had also showcased DMI’s creative value addition samples. At periodical intervals Grafica team demonstrated value addition concept using over 10 UV special effects such as glitter, crystal UV, micro emboss (3D reflective), glow in dark, wrinkle, etc. DMI’s highly creative value addition samples on display drew lot of curious visitors as they wanted to know the value addition concept in great details.


  • Fairly good order bookings put together around 25 spot orders for Nano-Print, Nano-Print plus, Nano-UV, Nano-Screen Making 5-in-1, big  size squeegee sharpener, Camshell, Cylinder Press, large size screen making set up, etc.Several serious enquiries were also received from printers from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Europe.