Sagar Java: Innovative ideas will script print longevity

Sagar Java of Java Paper Group feels that the nondescript print jobs have very little space left and appeals for the simplification of technology transfer from the printing moguls overseas to a local printer in India

13 Jun 2018 | By Sriraam Selvam

Innovations and combination of technologies will make print exciting and keep it relevant. The ever evolving media for printing will keep it engaging for the people. Take for example Iggesund’s pop-up Christmas card made on Invercote Creato.

It is exciting for me to see the joy and surprise on people’s faces when they open the card. I have noticed a peculiarity about the printers in the smaller cities. They tend to go an extra mile due to the limited number of customers in the vicinity. This often results in innovative ideas. On the downside, the run-of-the-mill jobs may take a beating in terms of volume and/or margins.

We hope to continue our effort to reduce plastic packaging by promoting paper and paperboard because of its sustainable and environmental credentials.

My appeal to the Finance Minister of India would be to enable the downsizing of companies where necessary as that alone would encourage promoters to hire more people. I would want him to simplify collaborations/technology transfers/investments between local printers from overseas and India to enable Indian printers to grow faster and bigger.