Ramu Ramanathan: There isn't one right answer for print-packaging, today

The future is a question mark. And since there is no one answer, for the 12th anniversary issue of PrintWeek, the team spoke to more than 100 industry leaders to get some clues on what to do next. Instead of an editorial, we have selected 12 statements that are helpful

03 Jun 2020 | By Ramu Ramanathan

Ramanathan: The past two months have made all of us aware of our inescapable impermanence

Statement 1: At Uflex, we have escalated the sanitisation frequency at our facilities with increased house-keeping strength, disinfecting all common touched surfaces and installation of a walk-through chamber for full body sanitisation of all employees coming to our facilities. All have been told to wear face masks, hand wash and maintain social distancing. - Amitava Ray, Uflex

Statement 2: Packing substrate that actively repels the Covid microbes. - Adi Jain, Paras Offset

Statement 3: (The government) must recognise the value we bring as an essential part of supply chain to the health and hygiene industry and the number of people our industry employs directly or indirectly, and thus must get a strong recognition by the ministry. - Siddharth Kejriwal Parksons Packaging

Statement 4: We hope India and other countries would concentrate now to produce raw materials and machines. If we are able to get better quality at the same price or same quality at a lesser price we would be happy to shift. - M Dinakaran, Dina Digital Prints

Statement 5: Government should come out with a comprehensive relief package for MSMEs that includes extended period of moratorium, early release of funds for revival including working capital, reducing interest rates, support in payment of wages and salaries, relaxations in filing requirements, waiver of penalties, late fees, GST rate reductions and speedy refunds. - Nikhil Warrier, Saptagiri Packaging

Statement 6: Zero waste packaging concepts will become the new normal over a period of time. - K Selvakumar, Lovely Offset Printers

Statement 7: Box-pasting machines will help automate the process of manufacturing of boxes of all sorts, which is required for essential commodities, which is going to be most important in a post-Covid world. - Dhaval Dalal, Ruby Print

Statement 8: With increasing counterfeits and increasing regulations, variable data labels should be the new normal by adding QR codes and security patterns in each label. - Rajeev Chhatwal, Kwality Offset

Statement 9: On a lighter note – thinking of how to print-from-home. - B Prasad, Printech Digital Imaging

Statement 10: Online print ordering would grow for all segments. - Anoop Venugopal, Anaswara Offset

Statement 11: Now, I am well informed about how to handle items which have been classified under categories of dangerous goods and chemicals. - Bhrigav Jain, Monarch Graphics

Statement 12: India discovers a homegrown vaccine to prevent the coronavirus - CJ Jassawala, Thomson Press

PrintWeek's view: When the waters are choppy, you don't need a horoscope. You need a compass. As a Koli friend in Vasai said, "A compass guides you forward. Also, a compass tells you where you've come from. This is the only way to plan a course and safely reach your destination."