ProductWatch: Boettcher‘s 77 Series – Chameleon Compound

With more than 287 years of corporate experience and success, Boettcher manufactures rubber roller compounds for OEM suppliers. Boettcher has been present in India since 2006, supplying rubber rollers through imports. Abhay Avadhani finds out more from the Boettcher India plant which is located in Faridabad.

22 Aug 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

The rubber compound is manufactured at the Central Mixing Plant in Germany

WhatPackaging? (WP): What does it do?
Boettcher India (BI):
It’s a rubber compound for rubber roller which helps in the printing process.

WP: What is unique about it?
These are compounds which are compatible with all UV curable ink systems in sheetfed offset.

WP: What type of systems is it compatible with?
Such as LED-UV, HR-UV, LEC-UV, H-UV system.

WP: Where is it manufactured?
At the Central Mixing Plant in Gelsdorf, Germany. The rollers are manufactured at Faridabad.

WP: Describe the technology?
The mix-mode compounds are suitable for exclusive UV operation in which the use of EPDM rollers is not possible with the other printing chemicals used in these applications.

WP: Describe the tech specifications of the product?
Phthalate-free. The geometric variance is very minimal, and chemical compatibility is very high.

WP: When was it launched?

WP: What market is it aimed at?
All types of packaging which included food packaging, tin printing. Also a commercial printer with UV application.

WP: What equipment does it work on?
It works on a sheetfed offset machine fitted with LED-UV, LE-UV, HR-UV, LEC-UV.

WP: Any notable projects?
These mix-mode rollers have been supplied to all top packaging companies like, Parksons, TCPL, York, Canpac, ITC, Pragati etc.

WP: How does it work?
It is very simple to use. Just fit the roller as per the OEM recommendation.

WP: Any tweaks to the equipment to get the best out of it?
Packaging printers can print 70 to 80% UV jobs with these rollers without thinking much about compulsion of printing conventional jobs in between the process.

WP: What’s the USP?
There is no limitation for the printer to run the machine initially. As you know this was the case earlier with conventional ink printing. Secondly these compounds withstand the aggressive behaviour of UV inks and UV-washes.

WP: How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
: Out of a scale of 1-10. It scores full marks.

WP: How productive is it? Does one have to run the system at slower speeds?
It is the best compound in the globe if you compare with the performance down time initial paper wastage.

WP: How easy is it to use?
It is simple to use like any other roller.

WP: Finally, what are the costs?
It costs less than two paise / impression.

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