Product portfolio: Me & My: DIC's Oasis, Value-G and Extra Power

Jaipur-based Bhalotia Printers' CEO Pradeep Bhalotia is very impressed with DIC's inks and the service support of its dealer, Sind National Type Foundry

13 Jul 2010 | By Staff Writer

Which ink products do you use?
We are using DIC's Oasis, Value-G and Extra Power.

Why did you choose this particular products or range of inks?
The choice was narrowed because of the high gloss, quick setting on paper, no drying in rollers, no variation in supply lots and 10% more mileage from other inks.

How long have you been using it/these?
We have been using DIC's Value-G and Extra Power since five years and Oasis since two years. 80% of our consumption is for Oasis and Value-G inks.

Did you make any comparisons with similar products?
We evaluated the top five inks companies in India. After which we shortlisted DIC.

Can you explain the features of the ink/s that you use?
Roughly features can be summed in stages within an ink range: primary factors are – gloss, quick set, mileage, ink water balance, spot colour and quality consistency; secondary factors are – mode of packaging, availability, dealer satisfaction, price competitiveness, customers feedback and possible customisation.

What's your view on the quality and reliability?
We are more than 99% satisfied with the quality and reliability of the inks. That's why we are using the inks exclusively. From the production chain and process of the machine to the job delivery, our agent, dealers, and customers have no complains.

Is it value for money? Has it helped you with any savings?
Sure it is. The greatest saving is peace of mind. We enjoy complete customer satisfaction, acceptance from our operators, super quality with consistency and 10% mileage which facilitates with a 7% savings on print jobs.

What about the pre and post-sales and service?
Our dealer Sind's service and support is excellent. Sind has provided us with great levels of support and assistance. Even at midnight, we get our requirement fulfilled at a short notice regardless of our staff's mistake with stock shortage. All damaged packaging is replaced, immediately.

What other consumables do you use with the ink/s?
We use TechNova's third generation founts and plates, Total Care, washes, multi-wash, dip clean shampoo, Cow and Phoneix blankets and other consumables.

What presses do you use it with?
A four-colour and a single-colour Dominant which are complemented by a small digital press.

Have your customers commented on your quality of print?
To-date, we have no complaints from customers. Over 40% are repeat jobs. Around 5% of our clients are overseas in the retail segment. 15% are out of Rajasthan and 80% of our customers are from within the state.

The product is right for whom? Would you recommend it to other printers?
DIC inks are best for offset printers. Extra Power is for economical job – and Oasis and Value-G for premium jobs.


Conclusion: User’s verdict    
Speed      5/5
Quality    5/5
Reliability    5/5
Value for money    5/5

Supplier’s Response
Anil Raghani, director at The Sind National Type Foundry (SNTF), the distributor of DIC (earlier Coates of India) printing inks and Rajasthan’s first ink matching centre in Jaipur, said: "We have been working with Bhalotia Printers for the last 20 years. We have witnessed their transition from being a letterpress printer to offset and digital printer. They adopt new technology and techniques; they have a good clientele with versatility of jobs and their product understanding is precise."  

The Sind National Type Foundry
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