Product of the month: Xeikon CX500 digital label press

Filip Weymans, the VP of marketing at Xeikon, tells Rahul Kumar that the Xeikon CX500 digital label kit is productive press for large jobs with multiple variations thanks to its dry toner technology

27 Jul 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the machine do?
The Xeikon CX500 digital label press is an excellent choice for large label jobs with multiple varieties. It uses dry toner technology and has the highest sqm/min productivity compared to other digital presses. It’s especially useful for printing large-sized labels, as it has a wider print width than most digital label presses. This means you can print two or three labels across, doubling the capacity and making it perfect for jobs like shampoo and oil labels.

Which are the different models?
The Xeikon CX500 is one of the printers in the Cheetah Series. This series includes the entry-level Xeikon CX30 with a size of 330-mm, five print stations, 1200-dpi, and a speed of 20-m/min. The CX30 can be upgraded to the Xeikon CX50 with a size of 520-mm, five print stations, 1200-dpi, and 20-m/min. There’s also the Xeikon CX300 with a size of 3300mm, five print stations, 1200-dpi, and a speed of 30-m/min. Lastly, there’s the Xeikon CX500 with a size of 520-mm, five print stations, 1,200-dpi, and a speed of 30-m/min.

How do these models differ from each other?
There are two models available with different web widths of either 330mm or 520mm, and varying print speeds of either 20m/min or 30m/min.

Is there anything in the machine which is available as standalone, if the press is modular?
This press can function on its own and can be improved by incorporating varnish modules and die-cutting processes. It can be used as a basis to design personalised solutions.

When was the printing press launched?
It was launched in 2018. 

What was the thought process when the press was conceived?
The label industry offers a wide range of materials, markets, and label formats. This requires a digital printing solution that can adapt to the varying demands of converters. The Cheetah Series, which uses dry toner technology, offers versatility in its ability to print on standard materials, provide food-safe digital printing, and offer a range of capabilities such as white toner, security colour, and metallic colours. This allows label converters to customise their printing solution to meet their specific needs. The Xeikon CX500 is an efficient and cost-effective option for label printing.

How fast is it?
The printing press can operate at a speed of 30 m/min. This speed remains consistent regardless of the colour print resolution or label size.

What kind of substrates can it handle?
With the machine, you can print on various materials such as self-adhesive labels, uncoated paper, BBOPP, PE, and direct thermal without the need for substrate primer. This means one can easily use common label shop materials, like flexo materials, to print on the machine.

What is the target market(s)?
Self-adhesive labels for food, pharma, wine and spirits, cosmetic and industrial chemical labels. This press is designed to produce high-quality labels with an offset-like appearance and durable toner that is resistant to water and sunlight. It operates on a full rotary concept, making it a highly productive option for all the labeling needs.

What are the USPs of the press?
It’s exceptionally safe for printing food items. It can print on standard flexo materials without the need for expensive pre-treatment, making the printing process less complicated. Additionally, it is more productive than inkjet printing and environmentally sustainable as it does not produce any VOCs. The printing quality is similar to offset printing and is not limited by label size. This printing method is cost-effective and offers the highest level of productivity.

How easy is it to use? What training and support are on offer?
At Xeikon, we provide initial training to our customers upon purchasing our press. Additionally, we offer advanced training in application and colour management. Our digital press is designed to be user-friendly, making it easier to print compared to traditional methods. You can submit your print file directly to the press and print it instantly without complications.

How much does it cost?
Since the Cheetah range has a lot of solutions to offer, giving one price is impossible. However, for budgetary purposes, the basic 13-inch roll-to-roll entry-level option will cost around Euro 4,50,000, while the 20-inch entry-level roll-to-roll option will cost between Euro 6,50,000 and 7,00,000. Depending on the configuration, inline solutions, additional software, and training required, the final cost may increase. 

Users’ numbers worldwide?  
Xeikon has installed over 600 dry toner label presses globally. We anticipate positive growth this year following the Labelexpo Brussels event.

Contact details  
Vikram Saxena, sales general manager, label and packaging at Xeikon
Mobile: +91 9599783406