Product of the Month: The Omet VaryFlex V2 Combination Printing Press

The need of the hour is packaging which is engaging and sustainable. This can be offered with the Omet VaryFlex, which can integrate print technologies of flexo, offset, gravure and digital in a single press. Pawandeep Sahni of Omet India, tells Rahul Kumar

31 Jan 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the machine do?
The Omet VaryFlex Platform from Omet is a multi-substrate combination printing press. It allows labels, cartons and flexible packaging printers to print on a variety of substrates starting from 12 microns to 600 microns. The machine can integrate printing technologies such as flexo, offset, gravure and digital in a single-pass machine in addition to providing drying technologies for UV, UV LED, water-based, solvent-based or EBeam inks coatings and varnishes.

Which are the different models?
The platform is available in two models, namely VaryFlex V2 and VaryFlex V4 and is available in widths of 430-, 530-, 670- and 850-mm.

How do these models differ from each other?
The VaryFlex V2 caters to most of the challenging demands of market-leading print packaging companies with a speed of up to 200-m/min. The VaryFlex V4 is designed for printers that need performance up to 400-m/min, keeping the same combination parameters in mind. 

Is there anything in the machine which is available as a standalone, if the equipment is modular?
Our solutions are provided for single-pass operations only. While we do integrate many other standalone solutions from our trusted partners, we do not offer any standalone equipment. 

When was the equipment launched?
The Omet VaryFlex platform was first launched in 2001. Today, it is in its 23rd year, such has been its success and demand. The platform is consistently upgraded with the latest technologies and market demands. This was one of the first platforms in the market which harnessed the power of direct drive servos by providing gearless, shaftless combination printing machines. 

What was the thought process when the equipment was conceived?
As the name suggests, VaryFlex was designed to be a flexible and versatile platform, where we can “say yes”to every challenge a package printer gave us to achieve. For example, our customers can print from 12 to 600 microns on the same machine. This is the only platform which can provide movable rotogravure on a flexo press. You can convert any flexo station to a rotogravure station and place it anywhere on the press. While using the advantages of the flexo, offset, gravure and digital technologies, we could also integrate hundreds of third-party modules on this machine to achieve the single-pass process, which our customers desired. It’s for this reason that we call Omet VaryFlex a platform and not a machine. 

It’s one of the only combination printing machines which can also safely run solvent flexo inks keeping the complete machine fire-safe.  Thanks to the Omet patented register control system, all the print technologies register automatically, without the need for operator intervention. Due to its versatility, Omet VaryFlex now helps printers create sustainable structures using various barriers, primers and adhesives inline, while also creating revolutionary embellishments. The platform can also integrate smart packaging solutions while maintaining the single-pass philosophy. 

What kind of substrates it can handle?
The machine can handle all substrates which can be supplied in reel forms. These include aluminium foils starting from 10 microns; mono films starting from 12 microns; all self-adhesive labels and labelling materials; and paper substrates up to 500-gsm.

What is the target market(s)?
Considering that the machine can handle from 12 to 600 microns, the target markets are divided into three sections.

  • Labels and labelling: Self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, in-mould labels, wraparounds, wet-glue labels, and multi-layer labels. 
  • Flexibles and foils: Flexible packaging, pouches and sachets, lamitubes, aluminium lids, blister foils, and printed electronics. 
  • Cartons and paper-based packaging: Folding cartons, paper cups, tags and tickets, security packaging and documents, flexible packaging in paper-based forms to be used in the food and dairy industry. 

How fast is it?
V2 can run up to 200-m/min. V4 can run up to 400-m/min.

What are the USPs of the equipment?
The main USPs are:

  • Advanced tension control technology, which allows printers to print from 12 to 600 microns or up to 5000gsm substrates
  • Direct drive servo transmission 
  • Integrated print technologies, such as flexo, offset, gravure, and digital on the machineIntegrates hundreds of third-party modules on the press such as flatbed foiling, adhesive applicating units or even our inline lamination units 
  • Print on ink coatings and varnishes, which could be UV, UV LED, water-based, solvent-based or Ebeam, requiring different kinds of curing times
  • Easily register the machine using our patented register control system which allows all the units to register automatically without operator intervention 
  • Have final deliveries of the product in reel-to-reel, sheet, pieces or even fan folds 

How easy is it to use?
The platform is controlled via an intuitive HMI screen developed by Omet, in addition to controls available on every unit. Additionally, the machine can set the tension of all the materials automatically, register automatically and even ensure the print quality is maintained throughout the run length of the jobs. 

What training and support are on offer?
Omet has a fully owned subsidiary in India, Omet India, with its headquarters in Gurgaon. The Group has service offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Dehradun from where we offer after-sales support and application training. In addition, Omet India launched Omet Throughput, a consulting service which helps printing companies improve their overall plant efficiencies. Also, Omet can be consulted about plant layout, OEE management, SOPs creation, manpower training and new product development. 

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