Product of the Month: Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium from Kiefel

As the latest generation of one of Kiefel’s most popular machines, the new Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium steel rule-cutting machine offers enhanced productivity and high-performance polymer packaging production, explains Mangesh Sonar, director BD (India subcontinent),Kiefel, to Rahul Kumar

14 Feb 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the machine do?
The Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium is the new Kiefel’s steel rule-cutting machine for the production of polymer thermoformed packaging at the best price-performance ratio. This high-quality solution is even faster and more precise than its predecessor, the KMD 78.1 Premium, delivering new features which offer the customer even more efficient production of trays, containers, hinged boxes, pallets, blisters, lids and technical application products.

When was the machine launched?
Kiefel launched this steel rule-cutting machine in July 2023.

How fast is it?
The Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium runs at up to 45 cycles/min.

How does this new model differ from its predecessor?
The KMD 78.2 Premium is an enhanced version of Kiefel’s most popular machine — the KMD 78.1 Premium. While maintaining the same forming area as its predecessor, this new machine for polymer packaging production is equipped with a bigger vacuum and forming air system, along with more powerful servo drives for the forming, punching, and cutting stations. This improved capability leads to a higher production speed, allowing up to 45 cycles/min and resulting in higher output.

What else makes this machine stand out from the competition?
The KMD 78.2 Premium is a machine that can be adapted to customers’ production requirements with various stacking solutions. This steel rule-cutting machine provides the opportunity to achieve even higher production speeds with its updated, faster pick and place inline. An additional servo-driven A/B-ejector is also available. This pick and place inline is a dual stacking system, allowing an existing up-stacking tool to be used. The up-stacker has an improved pusher servo-drive.

The ejector and A/B-ejector drive with servo-motors can be selected. More customisable stacking solutions are also available, such as the innovative tip-stacker — exclusively available from Kiefel — and the easy-to-handle down-stacker.

Furthermore, Kiefel offers the SpeedpackerKSP, a standard automation module for the Speedformer KMD series, which includes an automated shuttle transfer of the finished formed trays. With optimum buffering of the trays, labour requirements are reduced, as one operator can serve two machines while removing the trays at an ergonomic height.

What kind of materials can it handle?
The Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium is suitable for a wide range of materials such as PET, PP, PS, PLA and PE, as well as recycled polymers.

What is the target market(s)?
The primary target markets are converters and brand owners in the food and non-food industries. This machine is available worldwide.

How easy is it to use?
Its user-friendly HMI with a large touchscreen and reliable functionality enables convenient operation while its more intelligent lubrication and additional diagnostics facilitate machine maintenance.

What training and support are available?
For optimal use of its machines, Kiefel provides need-based training programmes with content designed for immediate practical application. Customers can choose from on-site training at their production facility or at Kiefel, as well as supplementary online training courses. The professional team of Kiefel trainers, with many years of experience and extensive know-how, helps deal with machine operation, safety, maintenance, process control, and more.

Additionally, Kiefel offers a comprehensive range of services to support customers by enhancing both up-time and productivity throughout the system’s lifetime. These services include on-site or remote commissioning for a successful start of your system, as well as regular and professional Kiefel Health Check inspections and assistance in relocating Kiefel equipment.

Tell us a bit about Kiefel
Kiefel develops and produces high-quality machines for processing plastics, recycled and bio-based materials as well as natural fibres. Kiefel’s customers include well-known manufacturers from the medical engineering and pharma, refrigerator, and packaging industries. With its own technology and material centres, the company offers turnkey solutions and provides support in partnership from product development through machines and tools to service. The company has a global presence thanks to its own sales and service teams in the USA, France, the Netherlands, China, and India, as well as its sales and service partners in more than 60 countries.

Technical Specifications

  • Forming area (maximum): 760x580-mm
  • Tool dimensions (maximum): 780x600-mm
  • Height formed part (maximum): 150-mm
  • Film width (maximum): 810 mm
  • Film thickness: 0.2- to 1.8-mm
  • Punching force BFS: 550 kN
  • Punching force punching station: 550 kN
  • Production speed (maximum): 45 (BFS: 40) c/min

Contact details
Mangesh Sonar
Director BD (India subcontinent), Kiefel
Phone: +919820002329