Product of the Month: Mark Andy Pro series

Mark Andy’s Pro series has been developed keeping in mind the growth of label converters, especially in the present time of hybrid technology, waste reduction, fast changeover time and sustainable production. Gourav Roy, managing director, Flexo Image Graphics (FIG), explains to Rahul Kumar

28 Aug 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the machine do?
Mark Andy’s Pro series narrow-web flexo printing presses are used for flexo applications, especially labels. The new Pro Series is an affordable, fully servo-label production tool for business owners looking to achieve operational excellence. Modular configurations that maximise throughput can improve setup and changeover while drastically reducing waste and energy consumption.

Can you explain in detail?
Like the Performance and the Evolution series, the Pro Series dramatically reduces setup time by up to 50% and running waste by 40%. 

It can print more jobs on a single machine and increase profit margins, consolidate work and deliver more work with optimised workflows and reduced waste. Thus, the machine reduces overall operating costs with a modular design combined with energy-efficient power and drying/curing systems.

The modular design of the Pro Series allows for flexible and upgradeable configurations from single print stations to flexo-to-hybrid printing platforms and features right-to-left or left-to-right web directions. Mark Andy sMArt link provides state-of-the-art production and job management tools that optimise workflows from job to job. Servo-driven automation delivers precise registration and print quality.

Which are the different models?
Mark Andy’s Pro series is currently available as a single model with two variants of 330- and 430-mm web width.

How do these models differ from each others?
Mark Andy’s Pro series comes in two variants – 330-mm and 430-mm web widths. The only difference between both is their web width. It has developed to keep in mind more growth for label converters.

When was the equipment launched?
Mark Andy will launch the Pro series in September 2023 during the Labelexpo Europe show in Brussels.

What was the thought process when the equipment was conceived?
It is designed to be attainable for cost-effective self-adhesive label production. The Pro series is based on well-proven servo technology from the company’s Performance and Evolution series. It has a modular structure, so depending on the user’s needs, a pure flexo press can be upgraded with a digital toner unit and transformed into a hybrid.

What is the target market(s)?
The entire label community is on the radar, especially those ready to think and execute labels beyond narrow-web flexo printing presses, a hybrid printing process, flexo with digital.

What kind of substrates can it handle?
Two variants of Mark Andy’s Pro series can print most of the required substrates in the ranges from 50 to 305 microns.

How fast is it?
It can print labels at a maximum speed of 122-mpm.

What are the USPs of the equipment?
Optimised and highly efficient platform; replaces older, less productive equipment; better registration and consistent print quality; up to eight-colour gamut; can efficiently print on all pressure-sensitive and other non-film work; energy efficient drying or curing; waste reduction; more jobs per shift and environmentally friendly production. 

How easy is it to use?
It is an easy-to-use flexo printing press.

What training and support are on offer?
Flexo Image Graphics (FIG), the Indian and sub-continent representative of Mark Andy, provides full training and after-sales service to the flexo printing presses’ users. We have installed over 200 Mark Andy flexo printing presses in India and the sub-continent.

How much does it cost?
The initial cost starts at USD 500,000, but the actual cost of a narrow-web flexo printing press depends entirely on the configuration – the kind of tooling a label converter selects and the applications he will produce.

Users’ numbers worldwide?  
Mark Andy’s Pro series will be launched at Labelexpo Europe next month, and we hope to sell our first of the Pro series in this calendar year. Right now, globally, more than 5,000 Mark Andy narrow-web flexo presses; and in India and the sub-continent, around 300 printing presses are running successfully.

Technical Specifications

  • Web Widths: 13/17-inches (330/430-mm)
  • Max Speed: 400-fpm (122-mpm)
  • Substrate range: 2-12 mil (50-305 micron)
  • Print repeat: 5.5-24-inches (140-610-mm)
  • Die repeat up to: 26-inches maximum (660-mm maximum)
  • Unwind capacity: 30-inches (762-mm)
  • Rewind capacity: 30-inches (762-mm)
  • Optional accessories: rail system; lamination; cold foil and delam/relam

Contact details
Gourav Roy,
managing director,  Flexo Image Graphics (FIG)
Mobile: +91 98101 90148