Product of the month: Koenig & Bauer RotaJet

The Koenig & Bauer RotaJet is a web-based high-volume digital single-pass inkjet press ideal for short runs jobs, Oliver Baar, director, product management, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed, tells Rahul Kumar

28 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the machine do?
The Koenig & Bauer RotaJet is a web-based high-volume digital single-pass inkjet press, focused on four main markets – packaging for folding cartons, liquid packaging, decor printing and books. It helps produce short runs in these applications efficiently. It also adds variable content even on high run lengths.
Due to its unique design and flexibility, the Koenig & Bauer RotaJet addresses a wide range of substrates for diverse applications. With its sophisticated web lead via a central cylinder, the RotaJet can handle from thin uncoated paper for books to carton stock for solid and folding carton stock. 
With our own pre-coating formulation, we allow the press to print even highly coated stock at full speed and high quality.

Optional flexo stations turn the press into a hybrid printing system, where CMYK content is printed digitally but spot colours might be imprinted inline via flexo sleeve units. On the one hand, this helps to address an even wider colour space. On the other, it pushes the economics of the press to an unmatched level.

Which are the different models?
Koenig & Bauer offers the RotaJet in different configurations with web widths ranging from 77 to 225-cm. It offers a maximum web width for commercial applications of up to 138-cm and up to 225-cm for industrial applications. RotaJet commercial presses are available in different inkjet configurations from 1/1C or 4/4. Industrial versions are available in 4/0. 

We offer the press at different speed levelsupto 270 m/min, depending on the inkjet arrays used in the print tower. So, the RotaJet is a flexible product to best address our customers’ requirements. 

How do these models differ from each other?
The main difference is the web width, speed and colour layout. The RotaJet is flexible in configuration, speed and colour. Optional solutions like substrate logistics systems, auto splicers, flexo sleeve units and other equipment allow a high degree of automation and customisation of the product. 

When was the equipment launched?
The RotaJet was initially launched at Drupa 2012. However, the press has been constantly developing over the last few years. The most recent version of the RotaJet was launched in 2020 by continued R&D efforts to increase print quality, speed and economics.

Is there anything in the machine available as a standalone, if the equipment is modular?
Due to the modular nature of the Koenig & Bauer RotaJet, it can be configured to our customers’ needs. Standalone print towers need to be integrated into the right environment. Therefore, we also support certified third-party systems like splicers.

What is the target market(s)?
The RotaJet addresses four main markets – packaging and folding cartons, liquid packaging, books and publications and decor printing.

For folding carton, the RotaJet is the most capable digital press on the market. We address substrates up to 450-gsm, and Koenig & Bauer can enrich the RotaJet press with flexo sleeve units for spot colour print.

In the books and publications market, the Koenig & Bauer RotaJet is again the widest and most capable book press worldwide. With a web width of 55-inch, it offers the same web width as conventional web book presses, allowing the use of the same papers as offset web presses. 
In digital décor printing, Koenig & Bauer is the market and technology leader for single-pass inkjet presses for décor paper. 

How fast is it?
Due to its very flexible inkjet array design, the RotaJet offers different speed levels. The RotaJet is offered with a single inkjet array / colour or a double array of inkjet heads per colour.

We run the press in two different print mode settings. In the highest quality mode, we run the press with 1,200x1,200-dpi beyond offset print quality. With high productivity mode of 1,200x600-dpi we run the press double that fast.

As a single array press, it delivers outstanding print quality in 1,200x1,200-dpi output at a speed of 67-m/min and with a productivity mode of 1,200x600-dpi, a speed of 135-m/min. In a double array configuration, we can achieve double the speeds at 135-m/min in 1,200x1,200-dpi or 270-m/min in 1,200x600-dpi. 

What kind of substrates can it handle?
The Koenig & Bauer RotaJet addresses very thin, uncoated publication paper, starting from 24-gsm up to 450-gsm coated folding carton stock.

What are the USPs of the equipment?
With the native resolution of 1,200x1,200-dpi in combination with sophisticated software solutions like PQMS (Print Quality Management System), the RotaJet delivers top-notch inkjet print quality in the market. 

The modular design of the RotaJet allows a high degree of customisation. Starting from own substrate logistics systems, own or approved third party unwinders, over a different array, dryer and overall press setup, down to own rewinder or third-party downstream solutions, the RotaJet can be configured to match our customer requirements for perfect fit for application and high profitability. 

What training and support are on offer?
Koenig & Bauer’s philosophy is to bring know-how to the press. The better your operators are trained the better your uptime, productivity and print quality will be. Therefore, Koenig & Bauer provides a wide range of training offerings tailor-made for customers’ special needs and requirements. 

Due to our long-lasting heritage of newspaper and commercial presses, Koenig & Bauer offers a 24/7 hotline support, including local, highly skilled factory-trained engineers by Indo Polygraph Machinery or via Koenig & Bauer directly.