Product of the month: Gallus Labelmaster 340/440

Digital is giving flexo technology a run for its money, but computer technology incorporated into the flexo presses has made it even better. Pravin Mahajan, AGM for Gallus, describes why Gallus’ latest offering is the best in its class kit

13 Sep 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Gallus Labelmaster 340/440

What does the Gallus Labelmaster 340/440 press do?
The Gallus Labelmaster is a conventional flexo press designed for the label and packaging market. The unique modularity of the Gallus Labelmaster meets all popular needs on the market – from paper, PE to PP and foil mono material.

Is the Gallus Labelmaster available in different versions?
There are two versions available. Gallus Labelmaster and Gallus Labelmaster Advanced.

Other systems like inking and accuracy?
An optimised ink chamber for the doctor blade needs just 250 gms of ink and therefore keeps the associated costs low while minimising ink spitting and foaming. The register accuracy of the Gallus Labelmaster is particularly striking – whether the press is being run at a low setup speed or accelerated to a high maximum speed, the printed image is always in register.

It’s structure and built?
The lightweight aluminum printing cylinders that were specially developed for this machine type can be changed in just a few quick steps. This ensures that job changes can be completed with unparalleled speed. The newly designed flexographic printing unit, which benefits from the construction principles established in sheetfed offset at the parent company Heidelberg, is directly driven by two servomotors and delivers Gallus premium quality from the start.

How does the machine work?
The press can be controlled centrally via an HMI touch panel, although manual intervention is also supported, with operators being able to make changes with ease and, more importantly, very quickly. Thereby, extremely short setup times can be achieved.

What are the key features of the machine?
There are many, but here are a few. Minimal material waste due to extremely short web path. The printing cylinders and anilox rollers are gearless and directly driven by servo drives. It can deliver precise and stable register accuracy across all printing speeds with best spot interaction due to the open architecture of the press. It offers different printing modes such as flexographic, screen, cold foil, hot foil embossing and rotary embossing, and the fastest process exchangeability screen and die-cut at any print position.

When was the Gallus Labelmaster launched?
It was launched in 2016 at Gallus Innovation days held at St Gallen, Switzerland. The Labelmaster is a new product in the Gallus product portfolio. It gives the user a unique concept of making the configuration as “Fit for Purpose”, higher speeds and modularity.

How much does it cost?
The prices depend on the configuration the customer choses. But be sure the Gallus Labelmaster offers a perfect price performance ratio.

What is the USP of the machine?
A fast setup and makeready, lower wastage with perfect register right from the first print on translates into profitability. The unique modularity offers completely new level of possible configurations. Direct servo drives, gearless printing cylinders and Anilox rolls use delivers best print quality along with stable print register at higher machine speed.

How fast is the machine?
It can print at a speed of up to 200 m/min.

How easy is it to use?
It’s simple to operate. The automated presetting functions helps the operator within a short setup time. This new machine platform handles even high printing speeds of up to 200 m/min with absolute register accuracy. An optimised ink chamber always ensures perfect ink transfer to anilox rollers with minimal splashing and reduced foaming.

What training and support is on offer?
Heidelberg India customer support team is fully equipped to provide the after-sales assistance, with dedicated flexo specialist. All Gallus presses also offers direct remote diagnosis, which extended technical support offered by Gallus Helpdesk from the Gallus factory.

How many Gallus Labelmaster presses have been installed in India?
There are four Gallus Labelmaster 440 presses installed in India. One each at Signode in Bengaluru and Mudrika Labels in Mumbai, and two at Marks Emballage in Baddi. One more Labelmaster 440 is on its way for a reputed label print house in India.


Machine web width:
345 mm / 445 mm

Printing width:
340 mm / 440 mm

Label material:
Self-adhesive labels, paper, cardboard, monofoil label materials, tube laminates

Label material thickness:
Standard PSA – Paper and Film material 50 to 250 micron
Mono Film / Cardboard – Upon request the machine can be configured

Max speed standard:
200 m/min 656 ft/min

Standard printing units:
Can be configured as per need – Fit for purpose

Optional printing/converting units:
As per the customer requirement

Pravin Mahajan, AGM - Gallus
+91 99679 69699