Product of the Month: BMAX Plus from ACG

A flat-forming, flat-sealing, continuous motion blister packing machine for thermoformed and cold-formed blisters, BMAX Plus comes with a versatile range of capabilities, Marcus Michel, CEO, ACG Engineering, tells Rahul Kumar

21 Jul 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the machine do?
The BMAX Plus has been designed with one sole purpose — to make blister packaging processes better, in every possible way. It is a flat-forming, flat-sealing, continuous motion blister packing machine suitable for thermoformed and cold-formed blisters. Built with reliability at its heart, the BMAX Plus offers consistent output to enable smooth processes, easy access for cleaning, and reduced waste.

Powered by the latest generation servo technology, the machine ensures steady production and improves the end-of-day output ensuring higher productivity. Featuring ACG’s hallmark ‘quick-and-easy’ changeover, the BMAX Plus is our most versatile and efficient packaging machine yet.

Are there different models?
The BMAX Plus is the latest offering in a long line of successful flat-forming, flat-sealing blister packing machines. It comes with a versatile range of capabilities that can be custom-fitted as per requirements.

What makes this product special?
This new generation blister packing machine is a sleek, modernised upgrade of the original, with an emphasis on user-friendliness and attention to detail. Be it the balcony design to ensure optimum safety and easy access, a high-speed rotary blister pick-and-place system, independent perforation and embossing stations, or automated lubrication control, BMAX Plus takes care of all the nitty-gritty to let customers focus on what is essential — unhampered production.

Is there anything in the machine which is available as a standalone?
The machine is sent with the facility to have different options based on customer requirement, such as perforation, embossing, inspection systems, code readers, etc. The major stations are not modular. Suitable provisions are given on the machine before-hand as per customer requirements. Additionally, complete sets of format parts are provided based on product shape and size (different tablet/capsule shapes sizes) requirement of the customer.

What is the target market(s)?
The target markets include pharma manufactures with medium-high volume production batches for domestic requirement, and export-oriented pharma units supplying to markets with stringent regulations.

When was it launched?
The machine was launched in March 2021 at the ACG digital event.

What was the thought process when the machine was conceived?
As the demand for blister packing machines grew, customer expectation in terms of output, accuracy, reliability, ease of operation, automation and compliance increased. In addition, there was an increased focus on OEE — overall equipment efficiency, which is centred around maximising machine uptime with reduced changeover and setup time, along with a compliant machine for regulated markets.

What is the USP of the machine?
It is an audit-friendly machine powered by servo-driven technology with independent drives for consistent performance, ensuring higher OEE; It justifies the usage of 8000 BQS format parts.

Formats from the older generations can also be used. The machine comes with independent stations for perforation and embossing, emits lower vibrations and noise, and offers ease of setting and changeover.

How fast is it?
The machine offers 50 forming cycles per minute for thermoforming; 45 forming cycles per minute for cold forming and 200 cycles/min punching cycles. The output in blisters/min is determined by forming cycles, feeding efficiency and punching cycles.

What kind of substrates it can handle?
Tablets and capsules with different shapes and shapes, coated, uncoated and capsules can be packed into thermoform films such as PVC, PVdC, Aclar, UltraSafe. The BMAX Plus can also handle cold-form films, such as aluminium foils.

What is your “buy from us” pitch?

  • Make your auditors happy: The machine is cGMP and regulatory compliant. We’ve taken every care to make sure that BMAX Plus conforms to the global regulatory norms and maintains an accurate audit trail.
  • Step up your productivity: From servo-driven mechanism with independent perforation and embossing stations to high-speed rotary pick-up systems and edge-to-edge cutting capabilities, the machine is equipped with various features to save precious minutes off your production time and increase overall efficiency.
  • Consistent output: Forget the routine machine hiccups and breakdowns. The new BMAX Plus is designed to provide you consistent output with minimal costly downtime and waste.
  • No additional investments: If you’re already using our BQS blister packing machine and worried about the existing format parts, here is the good news for you. BMAX Plus comes with an adoption kit that allows you to use the same format parts seamlessly without spending an extra penny on modifications.
  • 60 years of legacy in pharma manufacturing: With 1,500+ successful installations of blister packaging machines worldwide, ACG has the proven experience and expertise to provide an efficient and reliable machine for producing high-quality cold form and thermoform blisters every time.

How easy is it to use?
The ACG flat-forming, flat-sealing blister packing platform is widely used in today’s pharma industry. The all-familiar platforms user experience gets a massive boost from the added features in the BMSX Plus. The ease of setting, easy to install, operator friendly BMAX Plus works well in all pharmaceutical and nutraceutical environments.

What training and support are on offer?
ACG offers service and training support across the globe with its experienced team. Trainings are offered related to changeover, machine setting, maintenance, troubleshooting and more.

Contact Details:
Mohammad Nadir, manager – marketing, ACG