Private View: Society Cleanse Green Tea Detox Kahwa Premix

Society Cleanse Green Tea Detox Kahwa Premix comprises green tea sachets packed in an elegant lock-bottom carton

27 Jun 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Beena Dharod, assistant general manager for packaging and production, Topps India Sports and Entertainment Company​

The Society Cleanse green tea carton is well designed with clean graphics and simple font style in line with the Detox product mix.

The carton consists of 10 three-sided sealed gravure printed laminate pouches.It is also shrinkwrapped to ensure tamper evidence.

The word Cleanse is embossed with spot UV, while the other areas are enhanced with a drip off varnish to give a textured finish.

Overall the pack looks very premium on the shelf.


Sujit Ghumkar, packaging technologist

The green tea sachets are packed in a lock-bottom carton with minimal graphics.

The elegance of the pack is maintained through the textured finish provided on the carton surface, which connotes the earthy nature of the product.

The maximum use of white element in the artwork indicates the purity and serenity of the ingredients added in the product.

The most admirable aspect of the package decoration is the perfect colour match achieved on the carton, which provides the correct representation of the tea packed inside the sachet.