Private View: El World Sure It's Pure

The product is a pre-formed matte-laminated zip lock bottom gusseted pouch with a hologram. Packaging technologists Soma Roy and Manjeet Sahu review the product with a consumer's perspective

08 Jun 2018 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Soma Roy, Associate manager - packaging quality, Marico

This is a cost effective pack. It is designed in such a way that it can be used to fill its wide range of product.
The product and the variant name is inkjet coded on the front whereas the mandatory details are coded at the back of the pack.
The interesting feature to be noted is that barcode is inkjet printed on the pack. The pouch is coded thrice at three different spots.
As the barcode is inkjet printed and the dots are effectively seen, the scannability can be a concern especially when the codes are chipped. 

Manjeet Sahu, Senior associate director - R&D packaging, Kellogg India

The tactile matte finish on the top gives the soft and soothing effect on the first touch.
The see-through window helps consumer at the first moment of truth. The zipper is a big plus point.
The V-notch at the top helps with tear initiation, the consumer need not go around looking for scissors.
The colour combination and graphics are neat. The product name is inkjet printed, possibly for meeting the MOQ requirement of pouches thus the same pouch SKU can be used for multiple products by just changing the product name on inkjet.
This is a smart idea for a start-up. It appears like the filling and packing is done on a semi-automatic packing line, but nevertheless a neat pack.
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