Printmann to debut at pharma show in Frankfurt

Mumbai headquartered Printmann Group will exhibit in CPhI Frankfurt 2022, the biggest international pharma industry event from 1 to 3 November. WhatPackaging? magazine caught up with directors Tejas and Ankit Tanna, both of whom are busy preparing for the show.

03 Sep 2022 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Tannas: The focus is patent compliance, prevention of counterfeiting and above all, sustainability

WhatPackaging?: CPHI Frankfurt is considered the go-to event for any pharma professional wanting to stay relevant and up-to-date in a rapidly changing industry, with the entire pharma industry present from across the full supply chain. Why has Printmann Group decided to participate?
Ankit Tanna: For Printmann Group, being a frontrunner in pharmaceutical packaging, CPHI Frankfurt 2022, is the perfect forum for us to connect with industry stakeholders and showcase our products and services. As a supplier to European markets, it will also give us an opportunity to connect with existing and new customers, and understand upcoming packaging trends.

WhatPackaging?: What's the messaging Printmann will convey on 1 to 3 November?
Ankit Tanna: 
The Printmann Group has been in existence for 35 years now, and over the years our expertise and capabilities have grown exponentially, allowing us to supply to customers across India and the Globe. This has been a catalyst to our increasing contribution to our customers' business packaging decisions and goals. It is our capability to connect and collaborate with pharmaceutical manufacturers at not just a supplier level, but as a packaging innovator and development partner that we will be talking about at CPHI Frankfurt.

WhatPackaging?: What are the types of packaging innovation prevalent in the pharma industry and how can companies like Printmann enable adoption for information.
Tejas Tanna: 
Over the past few years, our developments and innovations have leaned towards solutions that support automation and process optimisation. Thanks to our multiple product offerings and well-rounded packaging development capabilities, we have been able to deliver solutions that enable our customers to reduce the number of processes or processing times on their packing lines. These include patented solutions, combo products, anti-counterfeit and safe packaging.

WhatPackaging?: How can India create an ecosystem enabling R&D support measures and incentives?
Ankit Tanna: 
Packaging needs to be recognised as a sector. Once this recognition comes in, packaging R&D expenses/budgets need to be treated the way it is treated in other sectors like pharmaceuticals, etc. Further, stakeholders across the value chain need to invest in R&D infrastructure to support packaging development. Ease of access to such capabilities will accelerate packaging R&D at the ground level.

WhatPackaging?: What about industry-academia partnerships?
Ankit Tanna: 
Industry and academia need to work closely to motivate students to come with packaging innovations via sponsorships by industries. Once the packaging innovation is recognised, industry and academia can work together to have patents granted in this industry.

WhatPackaging?:  What type of conversations are you having with your partners?
Tejas Tanna: 
India has been growing as a manufacturing hub with an increasing number of pharmaceuticals either importing packaged drugs from their Indian units/CMOs or packaging solutions from India. This has led to a shift in the topics of discussion. There is an increased demand for solutions that are compliant with global regulations. Most pharmaceuticals are now standardising these global specifications for local markets as well.

As a manufacturer this shift has been demanding, but in a positive way. For example, our foils division had to fast-track our development of nitro-cellulose free foils thanks to the prompt adoption by our customers in the EMEA region.

WhatPackaging?:  Your customers prefer which substrate?
Tejas Tanna: 
At Printmann Group, a majority of our solutions are paper based which is eco-friendly, however, we have been in discussions with customers on solutions themed around raw material and process optimisation. Fast adoption of waste reduction measures, use of reusable, recyclable materials, use of eco-friendly materials, reduction in the size of the packaging, and adopting software-based lifecycle-based analysis to assess the environmental impact of packaging material while developing new products.

Printmann Group - At a glance

Printmann produces multiple packaging products with paper, paperboard and aluminium packaging. The group has established a headstart in sustainability and looks to leverage this "going ahead".

Bipin Tanna, the chairman and managing director believes, "Innovation is not related to the size of the company."  For the past five years, the group has a product development team.   

With factories in three hubs: New Bombay, Vasai and Lower Parel, the Group has been aspiring to be a 360 degree packaging solution provider.

Bipin Tanna's message for the international pharma community is, "Treat us as your partners, and not suppliers."