Printing Inks: Top Picks - Toyo Ink's TK NX Process

Cobalt-free and vegetable oil-based ink series.

20 Mar 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

How is it manufactured?
As a group philosophy, TIID follows a strict Japanese manufacturing process inculcating green practices to reduce the carbon footprint. Our cutting-edge technology advancements optimise efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability across all facets of the manufacturing lifecycle enabling us to build a strong foundation for a global circular economy. 

Where is it manufactured?
At Toyo Ink India’s plant in Dahej, Gujarat.

What’s the function?
This ink series is used primarily by packaging and commercial printing segments. Some of the key features are: good colour gamut and brilliant colour vibrancy; halogen compliance available; enables fast drying and setting; excellent emulsification stability; and good physical and chemical resistance.

One big brand that has deployed it and how?
We are working with several brands locally and overseas. The product characteristics have helped gain popularity among several brand owners and converters.

How green is the ink?
It is an eco-friendly series. The formulation is based on vegetable oil; does not contain cobalt drier or carcinogenic ingredients and has halogen compliance.

What is the environmental impact of your product?
Our care towards mother nature and our fellow-beings is ingrained in our manufacturing process. Our green practices ensure responsible manufacturing. This ink series complies with all international standards and is an eco-friendly variant.

What makes it unique?
Compliance with all regulatory standards, quality and ease of use.

Who should choose it?
Any customer who is looking forward to the best quality prints with no hassle of change over process and needs complete peace of mind in terms of regulatory compliance can opt for this series.

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
Certainly, as a top product that comes in with a comprehensive range of benefits satisfying our customers.

How does it score on the authoritative tactile quality?
Above the line.

Where do you source pigments, resins, oils, organic chemicals, solvents, and additives for this product?
Our raw materials are sourced from credible local as well as overseas suppliers with special emphasis on quality and sustainability. Apart from obtaining relevant certifications, we also have complete traceability of our raw materials.This truly enables us to unlock the power of inks and enhance quality.

What other grades are offered by your company?
TK NX Process family consists of Standard grade, which is cobalt-free and vegetable oil-based; Halogen Compliance grade, which is standard grade + halogen compliance; and Low Odour series – standard grade + low odour.

Is it expensive?
In terms of quality, resistance, and final print, the product is above the line and is a competitive performer in the global markets.