Printing Inks: Top Picks - Print Dynamic's flexo irreversible ink

A water-based ink with irreversible colour-change indicator technology. The flexo irreversible ink by Print Dynamic is thermocromatic white to pink ink (60/770 deg C)

20 Mar 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

One quote by a customer who uses this product:
“Well done. You made a very important import substitute.”

How is it manufactured?
By a milling process.

Where is it manufactured?
In our unit in Mumbai.

What’s the function?
To reflect a tell-tale irreversible colour change that the print area has been subjected to tampering by wet or dry heat.

One big brand that has deployed it.

How green is the ink?
It is totally eco-friendly and non-toxic.

What is the environmental impact of your product?
It’s totally made of safe ingredients, which do not pollute.

Who should choose it?
Can be used in security tamper evident applications where an attempt is made to tamper with wet and dry heat to open packages and replace expensive goods with fake products (procedures that are widely reported worldwide by eCommerce companies).

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
We are proud of our technological breakthrough.

Where do you source pigments, resins, oils, organic chemicals, solvents and additives for this product?
Most within India, some from foreign sources.

What other grades are offered by your company?
We have a huge range of indicator inks, which are reactive to air water, moisture, temperature, pH, gases,UV and other electromagnetic radiation, sterilisation processes, pressure and more. We also offer a wide range of security printing inks for paperboard, plastic, cartons, flexible packages, valuable documents, stamps, shares, currency, passports, IDs and other cards.

Is it expensive?
Yes, this ink is expensive as compared to similar inks (per kg). However, as the ink print area is minimal, it is affordable, especially when you consider what is lost if the tamper evident feature is not used as a deterrent.



  • Drying mechanism: Air drying in the print film.
  • Set-off process: None. 
  • Low migration: None. 
  • Certifications: Eco-friendly,non-toxicand heavy metal-free.