Printing Inks: Top Picks: Flueron Inks' Monokure

Mono pigmented, high saturation, high blue wool scale, UV/LED inks for flexo and offset.

19 Mar 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

One quote by a customer who uses this product:
“Extremely happy using high strength monoKURE inks with the opportunity to reproduce cleaner, brighter tones.” – Rajesh Nema, Pragati Graphics, Indore and president, LMAI.

How is it manufactured?
It is manufactured using highly researched and stable pigments with the right combination of resins to provide exceptional latitude in reproducing cleaner, brighter and highly saturated colours. What’s more, the inks are benzophenone, ITX-free and can meet RoHS, SVHC, BIS 15495:2020 and other such regulatory norms.

Where is it manufactured?
Formulated and manufactured in Navi Mumbai.

What’s the function?
To provide an expanded colour spectrum with one ink series with additional benefits of high blue wool scale, high mileage due to high strength and a choice to use UV or LED curing with exceptional curing speeds.

One big brand that has deployed it and how?
Our customers work with a variety of brands, big and small alike. These include IOCL, BPCL, Tata Play, and more. These products have given our converter friends an edge in making it hard to reproduce tones using normal pigments; this gives the brand additional protection for their house colours.

How green is the ink?
monoKURE ink products are geared to reduce the environmental impact by providing the option to the printer to use UV curing or LED curing with the same products, thereby reducing impact of extra inventory. Higher strength helps reduce ink usage; highly consistent strong ink base colours proving extremely helpful to reduce wastage of time and substrate while colour matching on sensitive print jobs.

What is the environmental impact of your product?
Using LED curing is the way forward. We have taken this into consideration and are constantly involving printers, brands and designers to move towards utilising LED curing. The environmental cost of disposing of UV lamps, replacing lamps every 1,000 hours and use of mercury vapour doping is extremely high. To mitigate this, monoKURE inks help transition quite simply. These products allow for lower depositions with the same bright colours without compromising on print density or vibrancy.

What makes it unique?
We believe these products are very unique in providing ‘one- size-fits-all’ characteristics. High print densities, cleaner, brighter tones, high blue wool scale, curing under LED or UV lamps and aformulated and manufactured in India tag.

Who should choose it?
Converters who have an extremely high number of Pantone colours with a variety of job substrates and are looking to expand the colour gamut to have consistent colour reproduction.

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
The monoKURE name itself sums it up. Mono means one and KURE is the alternate form of the word ‘curing’. In an amazing way it encompasses quite a lot of qualities within one product, which makes it the ‘aha’ factor.

Where do you source pigments, resins, oils, organic chemicals, solvents and additives for this product?
The sourcing of these materials is global. We want to bring in the best of materials to make the best version inks formulated and made available in India.

What other grades are offered by your company?
monoKURE inks are available in flexo, offset, metal decoration and screen - UV inks.

Is it expensive?
Like the age old saying, “You get what you pay for.” These products are competitively priced versus other global brands with the proud badge of made in India.

Product Specifications: 

  • Drying mechanism: UV/ LED.
  • Low migration: Currently being researched.
  • Certifications: All our products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, keeping in mind all local and global regulatory guidelines.