Print can have all the fun!

The Awards Night on 7 October is here. The plan is to kickstart with a fun play which is about an exuberantly silly marriage proposal in which Offset Patel thinks Digital Bhai could be the ideal husband for his beloved (but totally spoilt) daughter, Jhamkhoodi. What happens? Be present on 7 October (Wednesday) at the Grand Hyatt Santacruz to find out if printer marriages are also made in heaven.

19 Sep 2015 | By Tanvi Parekh

The play is being presented by one of Mumbai’s top theatre group with a talented set of young actors.
Besides this 55 minutes of entertainment, the Awards will celebrate the creativity of print and the print jobs that some of our master printers produce.
Be a part of the August gathering of 333 VIP guests to see the official launch of the PrintWeek Studio.
Suresh Ramakrishnan, publishing director will unveil the Studio. The PrintWeek Studio is an online repository of print samples of the highest quality. We have highlighted the print samples and explained the tech specs or uniqueness, so that print buyers and brand owners can learn about the history of a print job (and print company) in a short space of time.
Print buyers are often seeking to bolster their supplier rosters. Recommendations from PrintWeek India, backed by some of India’s most discerning judges, is a great place for a buyer to start their search for new print suppliers. Which is why, the PrintWeek Studio.
But above all, the Awards Night is about the pleasure of seeing first timers and industry veterans grinning joyfully when they bag the Prism.
Do be present on the Awards Night in your best dress.
I feel to be shortlisted and to be a PrintWeek India Award finalist is a huge achievement. It means you are in the ‘A’ league in terms of the calibre of your work.
Of course to win an Award would be icing on the cake. But the buzz is, companies that get shortlisted start receiving new enquiries plus new orders after the exposure to the PrintWeek Awards. I believe, your presence at the Award Night will have a truly positive impact on company morale and your staff’s own view of their role in the business. From a client standpoint it provides credibility that they’re working with an industry business leader. It’s also important in your recruitment and retention of good staff in the future.
From our side, in addition, to a dignified and sophisticated ceremony, we will be creating quite a buzz through social media (Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp, PWI website, etc) where we will engage with your clients and suppliers followed by news and blogs and website traffic. Plus there is the telecast of the show on NDTV which can have wonderful effect on your staff and generate genuine pride for your company.
Kudos, on being shortlisted.
The 1500 print samples from 112 print firms were of the highest quality. You deserve to party; and party hard.
See you on 7 October at 6.00 pm.
Let’s celebrate print power.