Post Script: Shreya Sajith

Shreya Sajith is the continuous improvement engineer at Stelda & Bindwel Group of companies. She believes in being silent and let wisdom make the noise

29 Dec 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Who do you admire the most in the industry?
Kai Buentemeyer, I really admire his enthusiasm and the ease with which he can educate someone in a short duration. 

What would be your dream job?
To teach kids who do not have access to good schools or education.

Desired vacation spot?
Bali, (hopefully soon).

One key tip for good health
Good gut health and hitting the gym four times a week.

One most valuable work lesson 
Listen to every conversation carefully, there’s always going to be something to take away from it about may it be about work or life.

What is your favourite phrase?
Be still in silence, let wisdom come to you.

Most useful app?
Headspace the best way to check in on yourself with a busy schedule.

Your view on sustainability and going green
We need to work on taking baby steps for sustainability and ensure resources are available for the future generations.