Packaging Trend Tracker: Sachet packs

Rimpie Panjwani, consumer research analyst at Mintel says sachet packs are the next big thing in beauty and personal care packaging.

31 Mar 2017 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Sachet packs are gaining more ground in India’s beauty and personal care market, expanding beyond just shampoo and hair colorants. They are now being introduced in product categories such as fairness creams, face washes, BB lotions, moisturising creams as well as hand washes. Savlon recently launched its new Savlon Handwash Sachet that claims to provide hand hygiene while on-the-go and can be used for up to 12 washes.
4563729-3-dcddb75469bNivea Soft Light Moisturiser is available in a travel-friendly 8ml pack and is priced at Rs15 (Source: Mintel GNPD)

Sachets are great options for consumers who want to use a specific product but are against the idea of buying full-size packs due to various reasons the likes of price constraints or consumer uncertainty for first-time buyers. Sachets can also help drive consumption for products that do not have high penetration levels. An example of this is the usage of conditioner in India. According to a Mintel consumer study in India, only 18% of Indians use conditioner a part of their hair care regime. Consumers who may not be willing to buy a full pack of conditioner can use these small sachet packs as a trial option before deciding to make a full-size purchase.

Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair shampoo plus conditioner set which retails for Rs 5 (Source: Mintel GNPD)

Going forward, manufacturers can start looking at producing multiple sachet packs that either help to inculcate a certain usage pattern among consumers, or simply educate them about the usage of new products. For example, Dove released a shampoo and conditioner twin sachet that highlights how each sachet should be used – with step one being shampoo and step two being conditioner. This way, consumers are encouraged to first try the shampoo before the conditioner. The innovative twin sachet packaging can be further extended into other categories as well. For example, there is opportunity for brands to couple face wash with either a moisturiser or sunscreen, to promote these products together as part of a facial care regime.

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