Millennial Mantra: Vedantee Chaudhari

In this age of the digital, Amogh Dikshit talks to Vedantee Chaudhari in order to understand what she makes of good old fashioned ink on paper

29 Oct 2018 | By Amogh Dikshit

Vedantee Chaudhari

Print is dead?
No. Absolutely not. It is one of the biggest industries and blooming.

I think with technological advancements there would be a slight decline. But in the near future, the print media would seem exotic and expensive.

What about packaging?
The industry being a large one is a common fact but the ‘double digit growth’ part does surprise me.

Why so?
These days all the marketing and media seems to converge towards digitalisation.

What should print leaders do to spread the print message? 
They know best, I guess.

As a future architect one structural change which can boost growth?
Print and packaging is two-dimensional. Maybe something more interactive and solid in form could be created.

Inventions are the name of the game.

One item you think is inventive?
Photographs! I think when I turn 60 I would love to look at my Polaroid prints over some social media uploads.

I see.
Also, who would like to send a wedding invitation in a digital form. Printed cards it has to be!

Thank you, Vedantee.
Wait, there is more.

Yes, there is paper in origami that no material can replace.