Millennial Mantra: Purva Guhagarkar

In this age of the digital, Amogh Dikshit talks to Purva Guhagarkar in order to understand what she makes of good old fashioned ink on paper

29 Oct 2018 | By Amogh Dikshit

Purva Guhagarkar

Some people say print is dead.
I disagree with the notion that print is dead.

Although digital platforms are increasing every second with growing prominence in contemporary times, print still remains an essential and undoubtedly, one of the most trustworthy traditional mediums.

How so?
Factors like evoking a response, emotional connect and its basic function of informing, still justify the relevance and need of print in this digital era.

The print and packaging industry is one of the biggest in India – and it has  a double digit growth. Does that surprise you?
It doesn’t surprise me considering the amount of investment in print by the advertising and marketing industry.

I see.
The tangibility, credibility and ability of print to establish a brand is unmatched even though there are numerous platforms to serve this purpose.

Well said. What should print leaders do to spread the message in, say, the next 24 months? 
I believe it is essential to educate and inform people about the importance of print; the role it has played in pioneering communication, how it has changed over the years and most importantly, accentuating it’s relevance in today’s world.

In what way? 
Most people perceive print as a replaceable medium. But, if they’re informed about the uniqueness and the impact it can have on the masses, it would definitely improve this preconceived notion.

One structural change which can boost the fortunes?
Irrespective of the platform, the media needs to keep adjusting to the target market and audience. Variation with regards to content, design and other collaterals can help aid the growth of print and packaging.

One item which is wow?
I think books and magazines are absolutely wonderful.

What about digital devices?
Well, no matter how many stories I can save on my device, nothing will ever replace the smell of books and the feeling of turning a glossy magazine page.