Me & My: Manroland Evolution Elite 707 3BLV hybrid press

Sachin Gupta of Sain Packaging explains to Rahul Kumar why the company decided to invest in a Manroland press

25 Sep 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Sachin (l) and Sanchit Gupta of Sain Packaging with their Manroland

Please describe your company.
Sain Packaging was established in 2004 by Sachin Gupta, with the aim to offer complete packaging solutions. After two decades in the business, the company operates in an area of 1.25 lakh sqft at Rai Industrial Area with a brand-new five-colour machine from Heidelberg, along with automatic die-cutting machines and folder-gluers from Bobst.

In the last financial year, Sain invested in a brand-ne Manroland seven-colour fully UV-ready press with coater, along with the latest die-cutter from Robus India and a Bobst Expertfold. This investment has helped Sain reduce turnaround times and improve the quality of our boxes, thereby maintaining the group’s reputation as leaders in the printing business. In the efforts to further expand its operations, the promoters have introduced a semi-automatic corrugation plant, which offers B, C, E, F and G-flute corrugation machines, as well as the best post-corrugation machinery.

What are the qualities of Manroland you like?
The press offers seven-colour printing, allowing for a wide range of colour combinations and accurate colour reproduction, resulting in vibrant and eye-catching prints. The inline configuration of the press integrates various processes seamlessly, such as printing, UV curing, varnishing, and finishing, which enhances efficiency and reduces the need for manual handling. 

The press is equipped with advanced automation features, including automatic plate changing, ink key presetting, and job changeovers. This has minimised setup times and reduced waste. Precision engineering and advanced colour management systems of the machine ensure consistent and accurate colour reproduction across different print jobs. Plus, it can handle a wide range of substrates, allowing us to print from 0.04-mm to 1-mm of paper and paperboard and also plastic.

The press is designed for high-speed production, ena- bling efficient handling of large print runs and tight dead- lines. It is equipped with advanced maintenance and diagnostic features, including real-time monitoring and error detection, to minimise downtime and ensure smooth production.

Why did you decide to use Manroland?
We were thinking of an opportunity to expand our current business and also increase the overall productivity of the factory, keeping in mind both efficiency and effectiveness. So, we decided that we must take a step forward and start using a UV seven-colour printing press.

What are the features that tilted the favour in this?
While comparing Manroland with its competitors in terms of cost-effectiveness and durability, it stands out as a robust choice, weighing twice as much as its competitors. It has established itself as a leader in European countries and beyond, showcasing improved print quality and a remarkable reduction of four days in turnaround time. Our customers are satisfied with the quality of our samples, often leading them to consider switching to our services after witnessing the superior results offered byManroland’s technology.

How have these features helped you in your production?
These features have been instrumental in enhancing our production quality. The features have allowed us to reduce our turnaround time by four days.

For what applications is the Manroland used?
Its primary application is for printing mono cartons. However, we are working to expand its use to produce a variety of other products.

If there’s a critical packaging job, would you rely on this to see it through?
Absolutely, we have complete confidence in relying on Manroland for such critical tasks, and we continue to do so.

What’s the quality like?
We are now producing world-class MetPET boxes, which used to be a challenge for us. With the Manroland machine, it has become much easier.

How easy is it to use and handle?
While adapting to new technology can be a slight challenge, we have embraced this transition with ease.

Would you say that it offers value for money?
Yes, it provides value for money. While it’s still early for us to fully quantify its worth, the initial results are undeniably promising.

User’s verdict
Speed ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Quality  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Reliability ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Value for money  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Supplier’s response:
Deepak Walia, managing director, MR Sheetfed India, says, “Recently, Sain Packaging installed an Evolution Elite 707 3BLV hybrid press. The decision was not easy for Sachin Gupta, and after careful evaluation, he opted for the machine. The press offers automated features with a maximum sheet size of 750x1050-mm and 16,000 sheets per hour. The press is equipped with Eltosch

UV technology is integrated into the press pilot for optimum utilisation. We are working with Sain Packaging to meet the company’s growing demand of mono cartons in convention and UV applications. Sain’s customers are overwhelmed with the print quality and stability of the print during the press run.”

Contact details:
Shaina Khan, sales assistant,
Manroland Sheetfed India,
phone: +91-99710 65785