Me & My: GMG Proofing and Separation Modules from Farb Technologies

Jai Chandra Peethambaram, managing director, VeePee Graphic Solutions, shares why he invested in the GMG Proofing and Separation Modules, both backed by GMG OpenColor and his experiences with Farb Technologies with Rahul Kumar

15 Feb 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Please describe your company.
VeePee Graphic Solutions was established in 1996 as a flexo trade shop by the Late V Peethambaram, founder of the 55-year-old Veepee Group. Today, we boast of having a world-class facility for flexo pre-press and plates, catering to domestic as well as international clientele. We became the first Indian trade shop to go multinational with a full-fledged pre-press and plate-making facility in Sri Lanka in 2016. Today, VeePee Graphics is an award-winning flexo pre-press house in the country.

When did you start using the GMG Proofing & Separation Modules?
We have been using the colour management solution for the last year.

What are the properties of the solution you like?
Ease of operation, accuracy of the profiles, and the flexibility of editing the existing profiles without redoing the fingerprint are some of the features that we appreciate about the products.

Why did you decide to use these products?  
The demand for contract proofs by our customers even before the plates are made forced us to invest in good colour management solutions. After evaluating all the options available in the market, we finally decided to go with the solutions provided by Farb.

What are the features that tilted the favour in this?
As mentioned earlier, the ease of creating profiles, the accuracy of colours, the easy editing to finetune the profile, and the ease of conversion of files using the machine profiles are some of the features that had us convinced.

How much have these features helped you in your production?
There is a considerable saving of time in creating the profiles. This has enabled us to implement colour management at more converter sites. Less chances of errors at the pre-press stage has helped us reduce our wastage and faster job turnaround. With the feature of editing profiles, we can create profiles for different substrates without doing the fingerprint.

For what applications are the products used?
The products and solutions from Farb are used for colour management/ standardisation and also for converting the files from CMYK to ECG.

Is there anything that you do not like or can be improved about this?
Proofing on the actual substrate using these colour management solutions is on our wish list. The installation and training were professionally done and we are happy with the after-sales support as well.

If there’s a critical packaging job that has come your way, would you rely on this to see it through?
Yes, we will. We use this technology for all our jobs and not just specific ones.

Jai Chandra Peethambaram of VeePee Graphic Solutions
What’s the quality like?  
The quality is up to the mark.  

How easy is it to use and handle?
Of course, a good understanding of colours, the colour gamut, and printing parameters which can affect the standardisation process is important to implement any colour management solution and this applies to Farb’s products as well. Nothing is plug-and-play.

Would you say that it offers value for money?  
It is value for money if implemented properly and the SOPs are followed by the trade shop and the converter.

Who do you think the products right for?
The solution can be implemented at the trade shop as well as the converter’s site which has in-house pre-press and plate-making.

Under what circumstances would you recommend it to others?
Any trade shop or converter who wants to standardise and implement colour management can invest in this technology from Farb.


User’s verdict

  • Speed ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Quality ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Reliability ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Value for money ★ ★ ★ ★

Supplier’s response:
Das Damodaran, business director, Farb Technologies, says, “This bundle of products ensures building a spectral database with accurate fingerprint characterisation of each press on each media on defined screening from flexo pre-press. GMG OpenColor allows the avoidance of fingerprints if any variants such as anilox, media, or dot gain curves are changed in future at the print converter end. This module can recreate a profile without fingerprint but only entering the new anilox properties, new media tint, or new dot gains. GMG OpenColor has a predefined database for Pantone colours as well and it can accept external ink kitchen CXF data’, Pantone live library access.”

Contact details
Das Damodaran,
business director,
Farb Technologies
Mobile: +91-7303656777

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