Made in India: Vivid News Fount from Vivid Manufacturing

The fountain solution concentrate for a coldset offset presses cleans fast and helps reduce web wastage, explains Rakesh Chauhan of Vivid to Rahul Kumar

30 Jan 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Vivid News Fount is a fountain solution concentrate for coldset offset presses. According to Sahibabad, UP-based Vivid Manufacturing, the product is a new age and high-speed fountain solution for all types of dampening solutions, including turbo, spray, brush and conventional. Vivid says the fount cleans printing plates fast and helps reduce web wastage.

According to Rakesh Chauhan of Vivid, the company’s printing chemicals are a fusion of Western and Indian technology to fulfil the needs of the printing industry. “Our technocrats have vast experience of the requirement of the Indian printing industry and based on their experiences, our research and development team has formulated the wide range of pre-press and press room chemicals,” he adds. 

Vivid manufactures fountain solutions, blanket and roller washes, fountain additives and alcohols, roller care chemicals, blanket and cylinder care chemicals, plate care chemicals, anti-set off powder, mini offset chemicals and special products.
Vivid also manufactures screen emulsions.

The Vivid News Fount for coldset offset presses was launched in 2014. Chauhan says, initially, Vivid used to manufacture 500 to 1,000 litres and is currently manufacturing 8,000-10,000 litres per month.

For all publishing houses
Vivid’s targets customers are publishing houses of all kind, including books, newspapers and magazines. 

Chauhan says all major newspaper printing plants in Nepal are using the fount solution. Among them are, Kantipur, Naya Patrika, Annapuran Post, and Kathmandu Post. 
It has also found acceptance in book printers. In India, around 50-60 printers are using the fount solution and globally the number is 15-20. “We are committed to providing high quality and best performance products on competitive price,” Chauhan says. 

It needs only 2 - 3% of the chemical to be added, depending on the water hardness for it to reach a pH level of 4.5-5.5. Chauhan suggests that before using the product, the fountain system must be cleaned with Vivid system cleaner. The chemical comes with 25-litre cans and 200-litre drums. 

Vivid News Fount is used as a fountain solution concentrate for coldset offset printing presses 

Characteristics of the product include:

  • Reduction of water, faster drying and higher density of the ink
  • For use in all dampening systems spray, turbo, brush 
  • Reduces piling and linting on blankets; less press downtime for wash ups
  • Fast startup of the plate; less waste
  • Active plate preservers; no oxidation of the plate after press stops
  • Prevents calcium deposits on ink rollers; no glasing and roller stripping
  • Comes with anti-corrosion additive

According to Chauhan, the key features of the product are its quality, mileage, cost-effectiveness and universal usage for all type of dampening systems, whereas most manufacturers offer separate fount solutions for separate dampening systems.

“Also, its fast plate cleaning and proper wetting of plates help gain maximum output of printing plates,” he adds.

This fountain solution is a composition of high-end glycols which are stable on high-speed printing presses, ranging from 40,000 iph to 70,000 iph.
“Besides glycols, there are other key ingredients, which we cannot disclose,” Chauhan said, adding, “But the fact remains that the chemical reduces wastages and ensures that printers get a smooth result. It is very easy to use, but since it’s a chemical we always advise basic precautions.”

Thus, for first-time users, the company’s technical team visits the facility and counsel the customer on the proper use of the product. 
According to Chauhan, the company’s goal is to introduce Vivid News Fount to all publishing houses as a viable alternative to imported fount solutions. For this, the company is actively reaching out to all newspapers in India, big or small. 

TechNova Imaging Systems, Micro Huber and other multinational chemical manufacturers have similar products in the market.

Customer testimonials
Presently, Vivid fulfils 100% of our chemical requirements. We are using Vivid chemicals for the last three years. We buy around 1,000 litres of chemicals from Vivid per month. The fount solution constitutes around 30% of the total buy. Vivid’s economical pricing and quick after sales service are keys. The chemicals manufacturing company offers the best price against its competitors in the market. The after-sales service is quick and Vivid resolves the problems, if any, within two-to-three hours. In the last three years of our association, we have never returned any chemicals. 

- Pawan Goel, India Binding House, Noida