Made in India: Range of slitter-rewinders from SP Ultraflex

Mumbai-based SP Ultraflex Systems has established itself as an innovator in the field of slitting and rewinding, with the widest range of converting slitter-rewinders, Biku Kohli of SP Ultraflex tells Rahul Kumar

31 Jan 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Roboslit OHP dual turret slitter-rewinder 800-pmp

Founded in 1985, Mumbai-based SP Ultraflex Systems has put to good use its nearly four decades of experience by establishing itself as a trendsetter and innovator in the field of slitting and rewinding, with the widest range of converting slitter rewinders globally.

SP Ultraflex offers a range of nine models of converting slitter rewinders, which are grouped into four series. The compact Primaslit series and the Ultraslit series comes with a separate unwind section, while the Roboslit series of dual turret slitter-rewinders and the fully loaded Roboslit Plus series, differ in their layouts, diameter handling capacities, automation levels and material handling possibilities. The machines have speeds ranging from 600m/min to 1000m/min. "Each model comes with a variety of optional features, allowing SP to offer customised solutions with attention to detail, informs Biku Kohli of SP Ultraflex.

Compact-slitter rewinders
SP Ultraflex offers compact slitter rewinders in two layouts: the Primaslit FL with a front-loading unwind and the Primaslit RL with a rear-loading unwind.

Running at a speed of up to 600-m/min, the Primaslit FL has both unwind and rewind sections on the same (front) end, thus making the area for reel loading and unloading common. According to Biku Kohli, this machine offers greater web threading convenience compared to conventional two-sided machines. The unique layout also limits the need for operator movement, allowing him to monitor the entire process from the front of the machine.

The Primaslit RL (Rear Loading) duplex slitter rewinder is the eternal workhorse of the industry. Positioning the unwind at the rear end allows bigger diameters at both the unwind and rewind. This machine runs at a speed of up to 600 m/min and can be upgraded with advanced material handling mechanisms at both the unwind and rewind.

Sliter-rewinders with a separate unwind
The Ultraslit series of duplex slitter-rewinders has the unique feature of separating their unwind sections from the main machine. This design allows the operator to have free access to the cutter. These machines can operate at a speed of up to 700 meters per minute and are available in two possible layouts - the Ultraslit OHP with an overhead path and the Ultraslit FSU with an underpass working platform.

The Ultraslit OHP (overhead path) duplex slitter-rewinder has an overhead bridge that transports the substrate from the unwind section to the main machine. This design eliminates the possibility of contamination by floor dust, making it an ideal choice for those serving the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Additionally, this layout offers easier web passage, better all-around access, and good visibility of key areas. 

The Ultraslit FSU (free-standing unwind) duplex slitter-rewinder has a working platform between the unwind section and the main machine, effectively dividing the machine into two parts, both easily visible and accessible. This version is sometimes preferred for surface printed jobs, where web monitoring and splicing at the unwind are crucial to the application.

Fully automated sliter-rewinders 
The Roboslit Plus series consists of advanced versions of the Roboslit series of dual turret slitter rewinders. These machines can run up to 1,000 meters per minute and effectively address the productivity bottleneck of converting slitters after finished reels changeover, known as job changeover.

The fully automatic job setup feature of these machines pre-aligns the unwind, cutting and rewind sections, allowing the machine to slit in register with minimum passage of material. The web guide sensor at the unwind is pre-aligned by means of a servo motor to define the target position of the tracker tone line in the package design. Servo-driven pick and place mechanisms for both cutters (top and bottom) move them simultaneously to successive cutting points corresponding to the package design. Finally, servo-driven pick and place mechanisms provided on each shaft move the empty cores on both shafts simultaneously and position them at their respective positions corresponding to the package design.

The Roboslit Plus series comes with several upgrades over the Roboslit series including a vacuum splice table at the unwind for registered joints, a secondary pusher for unloading rewind reels from the off-loader onto a conveyor belt, a servo-driven horizontal carriage for the lay-on assembly, an area scanner at the rewind end, a SCADA working environment, CCTV surveillance of key areas, and a static level monitoring system. 

The Roboslit Plus series consists of two models - the Roboslit Plus OHP (overhead path) dual turret slitter rewinder, which offers high productivity within a hygienic environment free from contamination, and the Roboslit Plus FSU (free-standing unwind) dual turret slitter rewinder, which is sometimes preferred for surface printed jobs due to the enhanced visibility it affords.

The vision
Kohli says his company's mission is to offer the converting industry a perfect combination of reliability and affordability. By doing so, it aims to enable its customers to achieve a better value proposition compared to higher and lower-priced alternatives.

"Our goal is to maintain customer loyalty and market leadership. Additionally, we aspire to establish an efficient work culture while remaining dedicated to their customers, employees, and other stakeholders," Kohli says. 

He adds, "Our company's core strength lies in continuous improvement and innovation. We take the lead in introducing new concepts and technology to enhance performance, automation levels, and productivity. This is achieved by increasing process speeds and reducing changeover times."

The customers
Kohli says the company’s customers comprise converting companies that produce flexible packaging laminates and supply them to brand owners in the food, hygiene and pharmaceutical sectors. It includes some of the most reputed converters for whom the selection of capital equipment is an elaborate process of due diligence and comparison between the various options available before selecting the option that offers the most value for their money. A few prominent names include Huhtamaki, SB-Constantia, Paharpur, TCPL, Shrinath and GLS.   

The USPs
Kohli says that while each model has its set of USPs, the common focus areas across our range include productivity, reliability, user-friendliness, quality of output and long life.  

“Our machines provide the best value for money. Although our machines are priced higher than the competition in India, the difference takes but a few months to recover, considering the USPs, he says, adding, “We realise that after-sales service can only be as good as the skill and knowledge of the service team and as such, we pay much attention to training the team. Considering that most of our sales are repeat business, we consider our service department an extended arm of our sales team. As our customers often vouch, our service standards, in terms of responsiveness and effectiveness, make us stand apart from the competition.”