Made in India: PezaPackLite online die-line and nested imposition generator

The PezaPackLite, for the packaging industry, especially mono cartons, helps save time and optimise the use of paper, Nilesh Dandige of Pezasys explains to Rahul Kumar

01 May 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Team Zaware using the software

PezaPackLite, an online die-line and nested imposition generator, developed by Pune-based Pezasys, is a SaaS application, which works in the browser. Here key-line and imposition layouts are available in vector format and can be downloaded and processed in any vector-based software, such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

Pezasys has developed ERP solutions for commercial offset and digital printing. It has also developed a packaging solution, PezaPack-ERP, for mono cartons.

On how PezaPackLite came into being, Nilesh Dandige of Pezasys explains, “Many commercial offset printers we worked with showed a keen interest in carton manufacturing but were handicapped when it came to key-line/die-line and imposition due to the lack of expertise in this field. They were in search of a solution to take care of these concerns — a solution that can be used within the existing infrastructure, by their existing manpower and at the same time, a solution which is affordable.

PezaPackLite, with online key-line/ die-line and interlocking layout, was launched as a separate application on 5 August 2019, where entire ERP application may or may not be feasible.

Since it is an online web-based SaaS application, the generator works online and can be used on any existing devices, such as desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. It is compatible on Windows, IOS, as well as Linux.

SaaS is a method of software delivery and license, in which software is accessed online via subscription, rather than purchase and installed on individual devices. 

Dandige says the application helps overcome the bottleneck of designing a key-line and subsequently create interlocking layout without wasting valuable time and precious paper.

Aimed primarily for folding carton and packaging manufacturers as well as offset printers who are entering into the packaging segment, and graphic designers,
Dandige says PezaPackLite generates customised key-line/die-line and nesting imposition on the fly for packaging jobs like folding cartons, cake box, pizza box, sweet box, tray, sleeve, etc.

New features and innovative designs templates will be added to our template library at frequent intervals.

Considering a price-sensitive market like India, Dandige says the application has a reasonably priced subscription model. User can choose/ subscribe from various options with packages starting as low as Rs 299 for seven days. 

Pezasys has a presence across 27 countries in the world with more than 650+ users. Among them more than 450+ are in India. Major customers in India include Smart Printers; Pratiroop Mudran; Zaware Creative Enterprises; Impressions Group; Kadam Digital Transprints, among others.

A screenshot of the software at work

Using PezaPackLite
Dandige says, in box-making, creating die-line and nested imposition require specific expertise. Die-line and imposition layout are utmost important as they provide the main outline for package design in mono cartons. “The PezaPackLite creates die-line and optimised interlocking layout on the fly. Designer can download generated die-line and nested layout in vector format (PDF/ postscript) and place artwork directly on it. The nested imposition layout can be used for die/punch-making and also as guideline for printing,” he explains.

He says the PezaPackLite is built on powerful nesting imposition algorithms. “The high-performance cloud-based nesting/ imposition software provides optimised interlocking layout for folding cartons instantly,” he says. “On the other hand, it indicates optimum utilisation of your machine/ paper size. It serves as a powerful tool during job estimation. You can easily and accurately calculate cost of carton by using the obtained output.”

Dandige says customers usually look for affordability; speed; accuracy; ease of use; and mobility (accessible on mobile phone) while choosing an online application. 

As such, these are also the USPs of the PezaPackLite. Dandige says the speedy generation of key-line/die-line in the application saves time while the accurate imposition reduces paper wastage. 

“Also, the application displays number of cartons per sheet as per layout and recommends paper trim size for optimum utilisation. For long-run jobs, paper can be procured as per suggested trim size. It also calculates the print-run based on cartons per sheet and selected layout pattern and shows image area per sheet to enable post-print calculation. It provides total length of cutting and creasing line to calculate die/ punch making cost,” Dandige explains.

He says typical applications of PezaPackLite include key-line/die-line of mono cartons utility boxes, cake box, pizza box, pillow, tray and sleeve, etc. It also offers nested interlocking layout of all the above.

“A customer can personalise key-line/die-line using standard template from templates library of the application. He can also download die-line/ punch-line in vector format (Postscript/ PDF). The application helps generate nesting/ interlocking layout according to machine/ paper size and generates layout in vertical and horizontal formats for appropriate paper grain direction. It also has provision for bleed margin in between vertical and horizontal nested layout,” he adds.

SaaS model
While saying that there are other available options for similar applications in the market, Dandige says the USP of PezaPackLite is that it’s online SaaS application whereas other available software are installable. There will be seamless integration of additional features and new templates which will be available to all existing customers as well. 

The best part, Dandige says, is that the application is easy to use with intuitive workflow and zero learning curve. Thus, no special training is required. If there is any need for assistance, the company offers support via email.

“In short, using the PezaPackLite online die-line and nested imposition generator you can save time and optimise the use of paper leading to minimum wastage and maximum productivity and profitability,” he concludes.

Customer testimonial

We have now been using the software for three months. We have found it to be at international standard levels. The usage has saved us time while working our impositions and have also helped us deliver our packaging cartons with more accuracy. In addition, it has helped us save on paper for our long run packaging jobs. Also the customer support Pezasys offer helps us clear our doubts in real time and assists in streamlining our processes.

Raahhul S Zawarre, executive director,
Zaware Creative Enterprises

We have implemented a fully customised ERP solution for our commercial digital printing and wedding photobook services on the HP Indigo 12000, as per our requirements, with the help of Pezasys. It was a highly complicated project for which a technical solution was provided and executed successfully by team Pezasys. 
Kunal Kadam, director,
Kadam Digital Transprints


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