What they learnt: Hyuma Mahadevia, Yamir Packaging

When blocking caused an order for printing and fabricating cartons worth Rs 45 lakhs take an awry turn and relationships with the supplier turned sour...

05 Jan 2016 | By Priya Raju

This one incident has hit me hard.
We had received a prestigious order from one of our premium customers. The order was for printing and fabricating cartons worth Rs 45 lakhs. The full lot of cartons was dispatched to the customer.
The problem started when after about a month of delivery we got a complaint that the cartons were sticking to each other. Exactly at the other side of the pasting flap, the cartons got stuck to each other. The problem was due to blocking. We did our best to find some solution, but since it was a premium brand they could not accept the cartons with such defects. The entire lot was thrown away and we had to fully incur the loss.
Although we knew what causes blocking and what are the conditions that make it happen, we carefully executed the job. 
We had been doing this same job since long and that too with the same coating but it seems that the reputed supplier from whom we get the coatings did us in. In spite of many meetings with the supplier, he did not support us and we had to suffer the losses of Rs 45 lakhs.
I feel this is the sad nature of Indian business and the way it functions. Although, we discontinued taking material from that supplier, that loss still hurts us.
Today, we take a lot of preventive measures not only for blocking but for other related problems. Since then it has been four years and I am happy that, in all these years we have not received a single complaint of blocking. In fact, due to this learning we managed to solve such complaints in an effective way.

Apart from being a printer and packaging solution provider; Mahadevia is a marathoner and an avid cyclist. Wildlife and people’s expression photography interests him.  An encyclopedia in himself, he is an avid learner and reader.

"The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation," says Sandeep Zaveri of Total Print Solutions.
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