Invercote: Packaging, the luxurious way

Luxury brands have an unrivalled opportunity and challenge. With the improving economy, people are not only raising their standard of living but also indulging themselves in luxury products in a sense to improve their style of living. It is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the industry, with prestigious brands looking for new packaging innovations to enable their products to shine in the highly competitive shelf spaces. But does luxury packaging drive your growth. “Yes,” sa

13 Jul 2015 | By Mugdha Gangoli

According to Smithers Pira, the worldwide authority on packaging industry supply chains, the luxury packaging sector is growing by 4.4% per annum. India is running in the race with a growth rate of 30 to 35% as the consumer refuse to compromise on the ‘luxe' life. 

Though the products seem costly on paper, the hidden benefit of processing a pack out of it, evens it all. CH Java is a distribution and marketing firm on quality products in the graphics and packaging segment.

The firm represents a lot of specialty paperboard manufacturers, including Zanders, Cham Paper, Iggsend, Mondies, to name a few. The paper giant and a commodity manufacturer, ITC, is also a part of its portfolio.

“The consistent quality, functionality, and ease of production make our specialty boards an inexpensive form of insurance,” comments a confident Java.

Superficially, all paperboard appear the same. It’s flat and white, with varying degree of whiteness. It’s only when you print on it and shape it, that the differences become apparent.

Invercote, a specialty paperboard from Iggesund, is a material of choice at various design studios. It contends to cause a minimum of problems in the process of taking a prototype and making it function well in the production lines.

“As a part of the forest industry group, Holmen, we own more than 1.3-mn hectares of forest in Sweden. We care for every tree during its century long journey from seedling to paperboard. This ensures security of wood supply by replanting trees at a greater rate than they harvest,” informed Java.

Invercote range has a number of products, all of which are made from pure virgin fiber, using a sulphate pulping method, giving it the desired strength and durability. The most distinguishing feature is the design versatility with excellent cutting, creasing and folding performance for fabricating complex designs, which, “Can just not be made out of any other paperboard,” boasted Java. It also offers taint and odour neutrality to use for food contact applications like cigarette packaging.


Invercote’s famous four

Victoria Secret rose box - Lingerie packaging

Tech spec:
240gsm Invercote Creato board

Design features:
- Two shades of pink, light and dark, plus soft-touch effect of aqueous coating
- Scoring and folding with and against grain, on all the eight faces, all without a single crack
- Silver hot foil stamp enhancing brand name


Diamond Pack - Cigarette packaging

Tech spec:
270gsm Invercote Lenato board

Design features:
- Testing a paperboard to the limit – as many as 112 creasings for creating the curvy design
- A designer pack with round, square and diamond shapes at the same time
- Rounded corners with a visible “waist” to a strong hold


Paperboard Vase

Tech spec:
340gsm Invercote Bio (20gsm Bio + Invercote G 300gsm + 20gsm Bio)

Design features:
- Printed from outside, the bio coating provides barrier against moisture from inside
- Bio coating also gives heat sealing and gluing properties
- Provides high tensile strength – die cutting and creasing is comparable to PE


Tablet Wallet

Tech spec:
300gsm Invercote Creato board

Design features:
- Excellent example to showcase all the distinguishing features of Invercote – creasing and scoring, perforation, enhanced stiffness and double side printing
- Stiffness with 300gsm, comparable to a 400gsm board
- No fiber tear on removing medicines from the perforations