Interpack 2017 show guide

Interpack 2017 opens its doors on 4 May 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Rahul Kumar and Dibyajyoti Sarma bring you an essential guide highlighting the must-see products at the seven-day show

28 Apr 2017 | By Rahul Kumar & Dibyajyoti Sarma

Integrated packaging solutions

Multivac            Hall 5/ E23; 17/ A51

Multivac will present itself as an experienced manufacturer of automation solutions. The portfolio covers all types of automation tasks and levels of integration. With a holistic understanding of customers’ products and requirements, the processes for infeed, marking, quality inspection as well as cartooning and palletisation are also integrated in fully- automated solutions, in addition to packaging. This is why Multivac will display a complete line for packaging sliced goods at Interpack.

The R235 thermoforming packaging machine is specially designed for producing flat packs of sliced products. A quick-change system for the forming and sealing dies makes it easy to convert the machine to other pack formats. Various labelling and marking systems can also be integrated easily.

For loading of packs with sliced goods, two different loading systems will be showcased — the Multivac Horizontal Loader as well as Multivac Pick-and-Place system.


InnoDry Block

KHS Group                    Hall 13/ A31

The KHS Group will have compact and flexible systems on display. With its integrated buffer system, the newly developed KHS InnoDry Block permits accumulation-free, gentle pack conveying without the side guides otherwise required. This does away with the need for adjustment during format changeovers. The systems supplier from Dortmund will also be highlighting its new features in secondary packaging. To this end, at the trade show KHS Service will be presenting special conversions and its new service concept for packaging machines.

The KHS InnoDry Block combines a packaging machine with a palletiser and has a handle dispenser integrated into the packer. This setup is made possible by especially flexible buffer areas and the use of a highly dynamic handling system for layer formation which is being used in the blocked machine concept for the first time.


Stelda AR500 GT case sealer |Impel Services Hall 8B / G60

The Stelda range of case sealers from Impel Services, a part of the Welbound group, stand out for high-end automation delivered through a smartly designed and robust machine. The AR500 GT model supports hotmelt, dispersion adhesive (WBA) and adhesive tapes. Each box is measured before entry into the machine and every setting is automatically changed to seal the box perfectly. The on-demand-case-sealing (ODCS) feature provides flexibility to brands, where the market demands multiple SKUs.  Every box that can be sealed by the AR500 can be a different size — be it length width of height. The company will display the AR500 GT at Interpack 2017 with IIOT support (Industrial Internet of Things), where users will be able to access real-time production data even while they are on the move. Impel is a leading supplier of machines and solutions in South Asia. With the technical support of OEM partners like Nordson and Henkel, the company manufactures case sealing machines with multiple sealing technologies for markets requiring inline automation, flexibility and assurance of transit protection. The brand name STELDA stands for Security Tamper Evidence and Low Damages in Transit. The current portfolio includes preset and random case sealers with options of hotmelt glue, cold glue and self-adhesive tapes. Case erectors and case packers also come from the Stelda family of machines.

Marking and print solutions

KBA                             Hall 12/ C36

Four companies from the Koenig & Bauer Group, which makes almost 70% of its sales of new presses from printing, marking, finishing and further processing technologies, will present a selection from their wide range of solutions at Interpack 2017 in a joint stand.

KBA-Metronic: Digital communication between man, machine and product is a central issue for the marking specialists at KBA-Metronic. Metronic marking systems with the code-M software module allow, among other things, the centralised administration of print jobs, the monitoring of entire marking lines and the integration of camera control systems.

KBA-Sheetfed: In virtual presentations, KBA-Sheetfed will show the digital sheetfed press KBA VariJET 106, powered by Xerox for folding box printing. The KBA VariJET combines conventional printing and finishing technologies with digital inkjet printing. This hybrid press supports regional and campaign-specific versions of packages, value added and infotainment packages as well as database-aided sales campaigns.

KBA-Flexotecnica: For its new-generation CI flexo presses for flexible packaging materials, KBA-Flexotecnica focuses on migration-free printing with water-based inks, especially for food packaging.

KBA-Kammann: The international market leader in screen, hot embossing and digital printing systems for decorating hollow glass bodies, will be showing this at the Interpack. The flexible Kammann systems allow the optimum configuration of applications to meet the diverse requirements of the various target markets and customers.


Zero-defect packaging

Heidelberg and Gallus Hall 13/ D75, E82

Heidelberg and its Swiss subsidiary Gallus will present a range of solutions and measures aimed at automating quality assurance and control, all integrated in the entire workflow and the participating machines in an intelligently networked production environment, under the motto ‘Smart Print Shop – Zero Defect Packaging’ at Interpack. These solutions and measures are designed to boost the international competitiveness of packaging producers by enabling reliable, productive, and economical production, especially of defect-free, high-quality folding cartons and labels in offset, digital, and flexo printing.

At Interpack, Heidelberg and Gallus will focus on the question of a colour management system that can span different sites and production methods; and the reduction of complexity, and therefore susceptibility, to defects as well as the means to safely and reliably identify incorrectly printed products without delay and remove them directly from the press or post-press process while production is underway. As part of this process, Heidelberg will show how a zero-defect principle can be implemented across the entire production process, from pre-press through press to post-press.


Wide-width PE films

Synthetic Packers Hall FG-EAST 15-2-28

Bengaluru-based Synthetic Packers will exhibit its range of PE films for different customised industrial applications. “We are focusing on meat, food and pharma industries,” said Mallikarjun Jamdar, head marketing, Synthetic Packers, adding, “We are the first company in the country to manufacture wide width PE liners up to 5.2m LFT/ 10.4m sheet generally used for pond/ canal lining, dry bulk container liner and greenhouse film.”

Set up in 1981, in the last 35 years, Synthetic Packers has built a state-of-the-art infrastructure with latest technologies to set up multiple plants across India. “We have an in-house QC lab which conducts vigorous testing before the material leaves our factory,” Jamdar added. “We also manufacture nylon-based barrier film which is used for meat packing.”


Fix-a-Form with label innovations | Unick  - FG-East 15-2-29

Participating for the first time at Interpack, Ahmedabad-based booklet label specialist Unick Fix-a-Form will showcase innovations in booklet labels and anti-counterfeiting features. Priyank Vasa, development and strategy director at the company said, “In the last few years we have developed several label innovation with regards to value additions in booklet labels and PSA labels and developed several anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evident features such as security strips, customisable void labels etc. We have several solutions that focus on the functionality of the product.” Established in 1984, Unick Fix-a-Form & Printers was perhaps the first company in India to introduce Fix-A-Form leaflet/booklet labels in India in its early years. Unick has also partnered with Fix-A-Form International, a part of UK-based Denny Bros Group. The company is managed by director Hemen Vasa and his son Priyank, who has completed his engineering in printing technology from Manipal Institute of Technology.

Innovative sustainable packaging

Sappi                           Hall 9/ D19

Sappi will present its innovative sustainable packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials at Interpack 2017. At the show, the global supplier of speciality papers and boards will showcase efficient ways and possibilities to take advantage of packaging trends to meet the growing demands to deliver the packaging of the future. Of particular interest in the Sappi stand will be the world’s only packaging papers with integrated barrier and heat-sealing properties. In addition, the company will present innovations and packaging solutions for containerboard, rigid packaging, label papers and flexible packaging.


Transparent packaging

Alpha Plastomers        Hall 7.2/ A37

Through the last 35 competitive years, Surat-based Alpha Plastomers has consistently made innovation in the plastics packaging sector, becoming one of the first Indian companies to offer flexible and rigid packaging solutions. Its clientele includes FMCG companies, electronics, frozen foods, cosmetics and many more in domestic as well as international markets. In addition to manufacturing, the Alpha group offers in-house design and engineering services and possesses custom tooling capabilities.

Established in 1980,  Alpha benefited from being in the middle of the textile hub in India. With PVC being used widely in the industry, Alpha saw an opportunity in PPTQ film because of its clarity and strength. By 2004, Alpha was processing about 2,000 MT of  polymers every month. This allowed the company to diversify and add PET bottles to its portfolio. Today, Alpha Pharma Roorkee (a division of Alpha Plastomers) manufactures over 9 million PET bottles annually.  


Conveying and storage systems

Armstrong Machine Builders Hall 2 / E09

Pune-based Armstrong is into conveying and storage systems for the production of confectionery, including dual-lane-conveyor; pollux flat top chain conveyor; and thermodrive. Armstrong has nearly two decades of experience of delivering solutions to some of the leading companies in food, FMCG and retail industry. Armstrong’s 45,000 sq/ft facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Armstrong has several OEM partners spread across the globe who are trained by Armstrong to install and service the products.


Bosch Group - Hall 6/ A30-C58

Bosch Packaging Technology will present its latest solutions for solid pharmaceuticals. According to Christian Treitel, head of pharma business development at Bosch Packaging Technology, the focus is on technologies and services that allow customers to develop, manufacture and package their products, from powders to tablets and capsules. “One highlight is our new Xelum platform, which enables us to take the step from batch production to continuous manufacturing,” he added. With the new Xelum platform, Bosch promises to offer an innovative solution for the continuous production of solid pharmaceuticals. For the first time, one system combines all of steps — dosing, mixing, granulating and pressing — and that too fully automatically and without any interruptions, paving the way for more efficient tablet manufacturing. Based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, Germany, and employing 6,200 associates, the Bosch Packaging Technology division is one of the leading suppliers of process and packaging technology.


Packaging materials 

Ballyfabs International Hall 7.2/ C23

Kolkata-based Ballyfabs International, a Kankaria Group company, works on vertically integrated efforts for the development of raw jute to the manufacturing of quality yarns in various blends and compositions, which are converted to fabrics and then to bags. The company has all stages of production — spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery, stitching — under one roof , which allows total quality control through. The company works with major grocery stores worldwide, including Dean & Deluca, Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Tesco, among others. Its  current capacity is 18 million bags every year.


Silica gel desiccant pouches

Cilicant Chem             Hall 7.2/ A30

Cilicant Chem was started in 2011 by Manish Jain, who has over two decades of experience in the production of desiccants. With a wide range of desiccants, the company offers suitable solutions to prevent highly moisture sensitive products from the harmful effects of moisture/humidity. The company’s product range includes a variety of desiccants and adsorbents such as, silica gel – bulk/pouches; food grade desiccant pouches; silica gel chromatography grade; activated alumina; natural desiccant pouch. The highlight at the show would be Cilicant 270, the company’s moisture absorbent for cargo/container.


Confectionery machines

Dhiman Industries         Hall 2/ B11

Nakador-based Dhiman Group claims to be India’s oldest and pioneer manufacturer of confectionery machines. It is perhaps the only company in India with a multi-national set-up – three plants in India and in Chicago, USA. The company  specialises in making complete plants for  toffee, éclair, candy, bubblegum and lollipop, including related packaging machines. At the show, the company will showcase its range of machines such as automatic pillow pack machine DP-8/DP-10, automatic candy wrapping machine EF-6, and horizontal pulling machine HPM-50. 

Cosmo Films - Hall 9/ F26

New Delhi-headquartered manufacturer of Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films used for packaging, labels and lamination applications, Cosmo Films will display its complete range of speciality films for packaging, laminating and labeling applications at Interpack 2017. The highlight of the products being showcased would be Cosmo’s comprehensive range of Barrier films for packaging applications. In metalised barrier films, the company will display high moisture barrier films; high speed barrier films with high hot tack (HSB); high seal strength barrier films and ultra high barrier films. In transparent barrier films, the showcase will include aroma barrier films; aroma & oxygen barrier films; and ultra high barrier films. Established in 1981, Cosmo Films is the largest exporter of BOPP films from India and is also the largest producer of thermal lamination films in the world with plant and distribution centres in India, Japan, Korea & the US along with global channel partners in more than fifty countries.

Polyethylene bags

Kuloday Plastomers  Hall 7.2/ A30A

Established in 1975, Mumbai-based Kuloday produces flexible packaging material from
plastics, mainly producing bags made from HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE & MDPE. KPPL India has three manufacturing facility at Daman, with a production capacity of around 18,000 MT/year. The company has in-house printing, packaging and recycling facility to maintain timely schedules for its customers.


FIBCs made of plastic

Ebullient Packaging     Hall 10/ C13

Mumbai-based Ebullient Packaging is a diversified group having interest in various manufacturing activities. These include manufacturing of flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), drums and fibre drums, reconditioning of intermediate bulk containers (IBC barrels), reconditioned barrels (S2S), reconditioned drums, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and poly propylene woven bags (PP). The  company’s plant is located in Silvasa. 

Bobst - Hall 11 / C31

Along with its ranges of web-fed CI and inline flexo printing, multi-process printing, gravure printing, coating, lamination and vacuum metallizing equipment, Bobst is driving the development of high barrier functionality in packaging substrates. According to the manufacturer, the aim is to make the substrates industrially viable solutions in terms of machinability, and ensuring their properties are maintained unaltered even during the more complex conversion processes required by some flexible packaging applications. During Interpack 2017, the Bobst Competence Center at Meerbusch will run daily live demonstrations of the Visioncut 106 LER blank separating die-cutter and Expertfold 110 high-performance folder-gluer for folding carton applications, a Foliostar litho-laminator, and a Mastercut 2.1 die-cutter for corrugation.

Printed sheets made of tinplate

Hindustan Tin Works Hall 11/ A40-5

New Delhi-based Hindustan Tin Works, established in 1958, changed hands to the present management, the Bhatia family, in 1977. From small scale operations, the company has since grown into a leading can making company of India. Foreseeing the growth in metal packaging, the company invested heavily into technology upgradation, modernisation of equipments/automation to offer the best quality.


Bag conversion lines

Lohia Corp                   Hall 12/ E26

Based in Kanpur, way back in mid 1970s, Lohia Group diversified from its traditional business to venture into plastics and engineering and thus started manufacturing. Since then, the group has been serving the textiles and flexible packaging markets for more than three decades. Today, the group has three companies. Lohia Corp manufactures machines for flexible plastic packaging solutions. Threads India manufactures industrial sewing threads and Injectoplast manufactures industrial grade plastic components.


Flow wrap solutions

Omori India                Hall 8B/ C66

As a leading manufacturer of high-speed flow wrap machines and automatic feeding and product handling systems for food and non-food applications, Vadodara-based Omori has over 3100 installations across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The machines are used for wrapping all kinds of biscuits and cookies, chocolate bars, cereal bars, snack bars, noodle cakes and such other food products. The flow wrappers have also been adopted to handle some non-food personal care products.


Aluminium foil containers

Parekh Aluminex        Hall 7.2/ C39

Mumbai-based Parekh Aluminex is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of aluminium foil containers (AFC), aluminium foil rolls (AFRs) and aluminium lids in India. The company has acquired a Singapore-based company by taking over its plant and machinery for making aluminium foil containers, in the process getting plum projects from Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, among others.


CKD eco-blister

Parle Global                Hall 16/ F04

Rajmal L Mehta established Parle Global as a small set up in 1974 for the manufacture and supply of tablet compression tools in Mumbai. Effective utilisation of available internal resources and reinvestment of profits to purchase high precision machines as well as recruitment of trained manpower saw Parle grow organically to have around 800 employees today. With corporate office in Mumbai, Parle has two manufacturing locations near Mumbai (Pharmaceutical Packaging, Printing and Tooling) and one in Ahmedabad (Press Machines), Parle has a well established network of 10 branch offices in India. Besides CKD eco-blister, at Interpack, the company will also showcase EP 200 single rotary tablet press and Elizabeth Hata, a pioneer in  multilayer and core tablet technology.


BOPP tapes

Powerband Industries   Hall 7/ B23

Daman-based Powerband is a leading manufacturer of BOPP packaging tapes and cast LLDPE stretch films, with compounded growth of 30% over the last 10 years. Its products are exported to more than 19 countries while it has more than 2,000 installations in India.


Colour and additive masterbatches

Rajiv Plastic Industries Hall 7.1/ C03

Dadra & Nagar Haveli-based Rajiv Plastic is one of Asia’s leading Colour and additive masterbatch and polymer compound manufacturers. Incorporated in 1978, the company has been providing advanced solutions to the plastic processing industry’s ever changing needs.


BOPP tapes

Rayan Plast          FG-EAST 15-2-35

Mumbai-based Rayan Plast is among the top five BOPP self-adhesive tape manufacturers in India. Since its inception in 2005, Rayan Plast has been manufacturing products with the use of advanced coating technology and pneumatically controlling drying system. At Interpack Rayan will display BOPP self adhesive printed tape, BOPP colour tapes; and BOPP self-adhesive low noise tape.


Filling capping machine

SSP Packaging Industries Hall 13/ E45

Established in 1968, New Delhi-based SS Packaging Industries, with a focus on manufacturing of liquid packing machines, has today emerged as SS Group, with exports to countries like South-East Asia, Middle-east, Africa and Europe. The company has extensive R&D capabilities to engineer liquid packaging product ranges to the most exacting specifications. At Interpack, the company will showcase filling capping machine;  capmatic and techmatic.


AntiCorrosive VCI

Safepack Industries    Hall 7.1/ E37

Pune-based Safepack incorporates 100+ years of experience in providing quality research-based innovative packaging solutions to cater to industries like metals, automotive, engineering, electronics, defence, pharma, FMCG, etc. The company specialises in two verticals – AntiCorrosive VCI and Technical Industrial Laminates of Paper-Film-Foil-Fabric. At Interpack, the company will showcase Safepack AntiCorrosive VCI paper, metal wraps, plastics, and emitting system.


Flexirap films

Shrinath Flexipack     Hall 7.2/ A45

At Interpack, Hyderabad-based Shrinath Flexipack will showcase Flexirap stretch films suitable for all applications; Flexirap shrink, a strong, multi-layer, heat shrinkable polyolefin shrink film with seal and machine properties; and Flexirap cling for sealing food items in containers. A part of the Shree Group of Industries, the company has diverse business operations in flexible packaging, masterbatches and polybags. Established in 1974, today, the group sales stand at USD 70 million and expected to grow to USD 100 million by 2015.


Polyurethane lamination adhesives

Chemline India     FG-EAST 15-2-22

New Delhi-based Chemline India manufactures and exports hotmelt and cold adhesives, dry lamination adhesive, PU lamination adhesive, coatings, varnishes, jelly adhesive for hard case binding, etc for printing, packaging and converting industry. The 25-year-old R&D-based company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and well equipped laboratories. The company also offers customised products. Chemline exports to more than 30 countries across the globe.


Sustainable solutions

BASF                             Hall 10/ 43

BASF’s broad range of products focus on reducing environmental and ecological footprints while being economically viable. Ultramid Flex F38L is an entirely new, partly bio-based copolyamide. The softness and extremely high transparency allows manufacturers to use a polyamide for vacuum skin packaging.  Ultramid C37LC is a new copolyamide allowing manufacturers of shrink film for food packaging to achieve higher hot water and hot air shrinkage. BASF will present the biomass balance approach applied for the packaging industry. Using this concept, renewable raw materials are used as feedstock in the beginning of BASF’s integrated Verbund production system and then allocated to specific sales products. As a consequence, these products save fossil resources and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Roto-Packer Adams Care-Line edition

Behn + Bates              Hall 12/ D08

Behn + Bates will present its new packing machine Roto-Packer Adams Care-Line edition. It is an FFS system for filling powders into common PE film bags – and more especially into double-layer PE film bags for better product protection. The USP of the machine is the attention to hygiene. The new machine makes it possible to seal PE film bags up to the outer edge.


Focus on Industry 4.0

FlexLink                       Hall 6/ D31

FlexLink will demonstrate mechanical and digital integration of two packaging lines with machinery from the Coesia Group. Together with Acma, Emmeci, Hapa and Norden Machinery, FlexLink will set up a smart production line for luxury packaging. “At Interpack 2017, visitors will be able to follow the entire process of customised orders – from online ordering through production and packaging to delivery,” said Viktor Hermanson, marketing manager at FlexLink. “We will demonstrate real production in two packaging lines connected to a collaborative end-of-line palletising cell.”


Systems for packaging

GEA Packaging Equipment Hall 7A/ B09; B31

'Packed with Inspiration' is the theme for the GEA stand at Interpack, where it will present systems for packaging of food, confectionery and baked goods, beverages, medical and technical items, and pharmaceuticals. One of the highlights is a new thermoformer configuration developed as a basic machine with restricted functionality. The entry-level GEA DeltaPak is aimed at small-scale packaging operations. It is part of the recently re-defined GEA PowerPak range, which makes specifying a thermoformer for a particular application easier and cost-effective by omitting unnecessary functions. PowerPak presentation will also feature an integrated slicing/packaging line for larger-scale operations.


IML in thermoforming

ILLIG                             Hall 6/ E02

ILLIG will demonstrate its expertise in in-mould labelling in thermoforming (IML-T) combined with clean and hygienic filling and packaging of dairy products. In live demonstrations, ILLIG will show the production of rectangular cups out of PP on the IML-T production line IC-RDM 70K, forming area 680mmx300mm, together with the compact IML unit RDML 70b. The 18-up mould produces cups with 3 different labels at the same time with an hourly output of 17,280 cups.


Coding and marking applications

Linx Printing Technologies Hall 11/ C58

Linx Printing Technologies’ will showcase models across its many different ranges of equipment and technologies and new additions to the company’s continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers and laser coders, along with its thermal transfer, thermal inkjet and case coder ranges. The full range of Linx laser coding solutions will be on display, including the newly launched Linx CSL10 and CSL30.


Packaging machines

Marchesini           Hall 8A/ F05-G12

Marchesini group will have five lines and 12 standalone machines that cover almost the entire panorama of the primary and secondary packaging process: from blisters to syringes, from counting to stickpacks, through to jars, tubes and their packaging into bundles and boxes. Besides the well-known integrated line Unica for packaging pre-filled syringes and the Stery line for aseptic packaging, there will be some brand new machines. The Integra 520 V is the fastest of the robotic blister packaging lines made by Marchesini Group. It will be exhibited together with the new labeller by Neri BLA 525 and the new fast bundler FA 04 by Multipack, which are both built to manage the flow of 500 cartons a minute incoming from the cartoner Cinquecento.


Range of inspection systems

Mettler-Toledo            Hall 11/ B55

Mettler-Toledo’s team of experts will guide the visitors through its extensive range of product inspection solutions. At its stand it will showcase metal detection systems, checkweighers, X-ray systems, vision inspection systems and track & trace modules and software.


Mission total care

Optima                 Hall 16/ F25; F26

Optima’s theme at the show is ‘Mission Total Care’. With new HMI technologies, software tools and sensor technology signal will focus on efficient packaging processes and comprehensive life cycle management.

Optima Nonwovens will demonstrate ‘Project Zero’, which boasts production flexibility. This machine perfectly adapts to the requirements with optimised format change time, a new stacker for feminine care products and a platform with a completely modular design. The operator specifies designs and data, the machine handles the rest. The different packagings are produced inline. Furthermore, new sensor technology leads to process stability.


Tailor-made ink solutions

Siegwerk                     Hall 18/ E13

Siegwerk will demonstrate its tailor-made ink solutions and services that address current and future packaging trends. The company has already launched several innovative solutions that were developed to help customers keep track of future-focused industry trends. This includes LED UV flexo inks for food and pharmaceutical packaging, UV inkjet inks for labels, sustainable water-based inks for paper and board applications and a new ink range for gravure printing, based on a polyurethane binder system and free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Ensocoat luxury carton board

Stora Enso                   Hall 18/ B20

Stora Enso is set to introduce upgraded Ensocoat luxury and graphical carton board, which can be used in various applications Ensocoat has been developed for use in graphical applications and luxury packaging for consumer products such as cosmetics, perfumes, champagne, spirits and chocolate.


FFS lines

Valmatic                    Hall 8A / B21

Valmatic develops its activity on two different fronts closely related: on one hand it produces single-dose containers, suppositories and vaginal ovules and, on the other hand, deals with the design and the construction of FFS lines for the production of single-doses containers and suppositories. The contract packing is developed internally in suitable rooms with controlled atmosphere to comply with the rigid internal production procedures and the regulations imposed by the obtained certifications.


Suite of packaging innovations

Greiner Packaging      Hall 10 / C42

Greiner Packaging, one of Europe’s leading plastic packaging manufacturers in the food and non-food sector has big plans to take their suite of packaging innovations across borders at Interpack 2017 — though its network of locations in 19 different countries around the world already makes it an active global player.

With its ‘inert barrier technology’ (ibt), Greiner has succeeded in bringing food shelf life for plastic cups to a whole new level. The objective of the coating is to minimise the migration between the filling and the packaging, while at the same time protecting the filling from external effects.


Horizontal ffs machines

Bossar                       Hall 8B/ D58

Funded in Barcelona in 1992, Bossar is a leader in Horizontal form fill and seal packaging machine and has contributed to the development of the packaging market in general, and the HFFS machines in particular, with many technological innovations.

Small and compact, the B 1000 HFFS machine is ideal to produce 3- and 4-side sealed pouches to fill a small amount of product, and for single-dose sachets for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Wet wipes filling and string sachets are among its multiple packaging applications.  It can incorporate three different types of interchangeable filling units and reach a speed of up to 90 pouches per minute depending on the product to be filled.n


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