How Omega Printopack transforms itself with Komori

Haridwar-based Omega Printopack invested in its third Komori kit in 2023. Sandeep Kumar Jain of Omega Printopack explains to Rahul Kumar how these three machines changed the company’s packaging business.

06 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Omega Printopack team with the Komori kit

It all started when the first Komori press was installed at one of the four production units of Haridwar-based Omega Printopack in 2014. It marked a big turning point and a milestone transformation in the company’s overall packaging conversion. 

The Komori Lithrone S32, the first four-colour press at Omega Printopack, was a game changer for the company. “Certainly, the Komori has changed the entire quality and capacity of our packaging printing and converting. We were looking for an unconventional offset press. We shortlisted Komori and two other leading brands. Eventually, we went for brand Komori because we have the prior knowledge of Komori presses’ quality and cost-effectiveness,” Sandeep Kumar Jain, director, Omega Printopack, says.

As the first Komori press set a new paradigm shift in packaging converting for Omega Printopack, the company’s reliance on the brand continued. 

“Since we were satisfied with our first Komori press, we wanted to add a second machine, a bigger, upgraded, and five-colour press. So, we went for the five-colour Komori Lithrone G40 with coater in 2020,” Jain says.

He adds, “Our yearning for Komori sustained as within two years of our second Komori, we decided to add another machine of the same model with coater for taking care of the increasing volume and swift demand perceiving in our packaging conversion.” 

The latest and third Komori press at Omega Printopack, a five-colour Lithrone G40 with coater, was installed in the latter part of 2023.

Working with Komori

On choosing Komori, Jain says, “The three Komori presses now running in our production units tick all the boxes of packaging for us. The machines are amazing; so it the team Komori India, whose help and support make everything smooth and easy. Whenever needed, the team is always alert to attend to us within 24 hours. This is the most essential aspect of any company wherefrom we purchase machines and equipment.”

Making constant upgrades of its pre-press, press, and post-press divisions across its four production units of 100,000-sqft, Omega Printopack strategically invests in best-in-class machines and equipment to improve quality and production standards. The company’s fourth production unit of around 7,000-sqft is currently under construction. 

“With advanced machines like Komori presses and dedicated works in all our units, we never let our customers down when it comes to providing them quality prints, end-products, and on-time deliveries as per their demand and desire,” Jain affirms.

Since its inception as Omega Group in 2003 and incorporation as Omega Printopack in 2006, the company has been at the forefront of producing mono cartons, corrugated cartons, labels, and other packaging solutions for eminent clients from diverse sectors. “We work for clients from almost all sectors. However, some of our key clients are from two specific sectors: pharmaceutical and electronics. Geographically, we work for our clients based particularly in three states — Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh,” Jain says.

He adds, “Today, we print and convert almost 90% of our packaging applications on the Komori presses. For example, our earlier volume of conversion of pharmaceutical package inserts was around 10-19 lakhs per month. Now, the figure has jumped to 40 lakhs, which means 1.5 lakhs per day, as per our records by December 2023. When it comes to print quality, Komori Lithrone G40 with coater delivers any application in resolution up to 450-gsm.”     

(l-r) Akshat and Sandeep Jain with their first Komori press, installed in 2014

A dedicated team of 600 people, including well-trained and experienced printing and packaging professionals, is one of the vital forces behind Omega Printopack’s competency. In the company’s top management, Jain has been joined by his son Akshat. 

“It’s my privilege to be part of the fabulous team of Omega Printopack that has been taking care of the needs of premium packaging solutions for reputed brands that comprise a handful of leading pharmaceutical houses,” Akshat Jain, managing director, Omega Printopack, says.

He adds, “What we are planning is to make all our pharmaceutical packaging under a roof. As on today, pharmaceutical sector occupies 65% of our overall business, next comes up 35% of electronics, and the rest is distributed among other sectors. The continuous and unconditional supports we constantly get from our valued clients make us what we are today.” 

Cadila, Akum Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Coral Laboratories, and Phillips, are some of the major clients which Omega Printopack has been closely associated for years.

The growth story 

The senior Jain says, “We started from a zero level. It had been beyond my imagination that we would someday achieve the level we are at today. It had been our entire team’s hard work and dedication, which grew into a business that moves ahead of our market competitors in terms of quality and standards we maintain and offer using the versatile and advanced machines in our facilities.”

He adds, “Using the two five-colour Komori Lithrone G40 presses with coaters, we are graduating in style as we now fully fulfil what our clients want in their products.” 

He adds that the advanced Komori offset presses offer a maximum printing speed of 16,500-sph , delivering stable high-speed operation on a broad range of ultrathin to thick sheets. The presses accommodate maximum sheet sizes up to 750x1050-mm.

Jain is quick to add how much he appreciates the changes in packaging printing and conversion that the Komori presses bring to Omega Printopack. 

Up next, the company plans to add another Komori machine, which will be a six-colour press with coater, probably by the next financial year. 

Fact file
Year of establishment:

Year of incorporation: 2006 

Location: Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Expertise: Packaging printing and conversion   

Machine portfolio: Three Komori presses and others

Production setup: 100,000-sqft    

Staff strength: 600 people 

Turnover: Rs 65-crore