HIP Framework is a perfect solution for shrink sleeves

The hybrid shrink sleeves create an area of action that removes limitations and magnifies effectiveness in product development, Chetan Jain of Taurus Packaging tells Rahul Kumar as the company gets ready to serve the industry with its solutions

19 Jan 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Chetan Jain of Taurus Packaging

Rahul Kumar (RK): What is the star product in the bouquet of products you will be offering to the clients in 2023?

Chetan Jain (CJ): We are the shrink sleeve leaders in India. We have been known to execute ace packaging with our shrink-sleeving. Here, we are offering the HIP Framework in the premium beverage market. The Hybrid Intaglio Printing Framework (HIP Framework) is a perfect solution to tackle these growing packaging demands in ways that are quick, efficient, and cost-effective. The hybrid shrink sleeves create an area of action that removes limitations and magnifies effectiveness in product development. It reshuffles the equation of quantities, development investments, timelines, and innovations, and makes the brands they represent highly memorable.  In 2023, we want to show our beverage industry peers that Taurus Packaging offers a bunch of much-awaited features that will help them innovate and customise. 

RK: What are the three highlight features in the product that the users should look out for in your star product? 

CJ: Taurus Packaging’s shrink sleeve application provides unmatched features far from the usual practice in the converters industry. We are known for providing features such as 50% less time on development, 75% less cost, and no minimum order quantity. In the label converting industry, MOQ and cylinder cost are the criteria that no one would compromise on. On the other hand, manufacturers of new packaging look out for flexible and customised innovative packaging. Taurus works on these pain points and provides exclusive solutions as per the customers’ needs. We don’t think much about the competition while working on a concept. In fact, we focus on innovativeness and provide R&D support to clients.

RK: We have seen packaging converters invest in new kit/software even during tough times. What is your installation update? 

CJ: During the pandemic, the amount of pressure on us to deliver the packaging was huge. Due to Covid-19, the company’s manpower was reduced, and its output suffered. So, we worked on having new machinery with us to match the raised demand. We also realised that giving the packaging suggestion and the desired output is not enough. We then focused on improving our R&D services, such as KLD development, prototyping, 3D implementation, etc. So, we established an R&D department with a dedicated team and lab. The pandemic taught us to be flexible and innovative, so we also installed the latest and updated software and technologies to enable perfect undistorted shrink.

RK: Please share details of your recent execution of shrink sleeves for the brand Bira.

CJ: We are Bira’s exclusive packaging partner in India. Bira happened to us last year when it was looking for a shrink-sleeving option on its beer cans. The company was looking for a sustainable shrink-sleeving application. Simultaneously, it was keen on sorting its inventory issues that arise due to frequently changed printing cans. Printing cans incur a lot of time and inventory costs as frequent changes are subject to changes in government regulation. To overcome these sudden changes and operational costs, Bira opted for shrink sleeves on their cans. We did sleeves on its newly launched flavours like Kokum Sour and others. This year, Bira won six awards in the packaging category in the Spiritz Magazine Award 2022. It also resolved its inventory issues.

RK: Your outlook for 2023?

CJ: With the new year, Taurus aims to inculcate sustainability in the organisation. We are working to create a sustainable and eco-friendlier shrink sleeve. This will be the perfect solution to protect our environment. In terms of our product and services, in 2023, we want to create more value for our beverage and liquor industry clients. We are trying to create an impact that will change the perception of how the liquor industry does packaging.