Gobind Panjabi: The output of the final print on met-PET is unknown

In the Rapid Fire series, PrintWeek asks Gobind Panjabi ten questions about print and beyond

02 Aug 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

Gobind Panjabi, director of Rukson Packaging

What is your idea of a perfect print firm in India?
A perfect print firm is the one which has the latest technologies and machines on the shop floor.

The current fact file of your press?
At Rukson, we have Heidelberg, Komori and Bobst machines. These machines are top brands and proven.

What is the trickiest colour that you have had to print?
The output of the final print on metPET is unknown before it is actually printed. The colour tone changes very quickly on metPET. For example, yellow turns into gold, magenta changes to baby pink, and cyan changes to dark sky blue on metPET. So metPET is the trickiest substrate to print on.

What is the quality you seek when you hire?
I look for efficiency, client servicing. It should be something that I don’t know about. Mistakes should not be repeated.

When and which print job or project made you the happiest?
I am happy if our client is happy. A client’s compliment about a job makes me the happiest. In today’s world, quality, service and rate matter the most to a firm. Honesty should be the core while dealing with your customers.

What technology do you prefer? Why?
I prefer offset. In offset, you can have fine printing and reproduction of dots. Gravure and flexo can’t do that. Only in offset, you can achieve your printing targets through dot percentages.

What is the greatest strength of your printing firm?
Achieving our committed targets is our strength. My whole team is the greatest strength of our printing firm. There is no one-man army in this industry.

Which living print person do you most admire? 
I admire myself the most.

Which words or phrases or jargon do you overuse?
The two most overused jargons. One - Client is always right, and the second - Boss is always right.

Which print technology, according to you, is the future? Why?
Packaging industry is growing. The print industry can grow with a good rate if the players upgrade to new technologies and machines. Technological advancements will provide us with more features. That is the future.