Gaurav Jalan: Ways to win online buyers with digitised packaging

Digital experience becomes critical when buyers do not have the opportunity to select a product from the shelf and interact with it. The newcomers to eShopping will be routine shoppers post normalisation while share-shifting to eCommerce would remain at an elevated level. Given the market dynamics, it becomes crucial for marketers to win and engage online buyers.

Gaurav Jalan, founder of Packman Packaging tells WhatPackaging? how digitising one’s product through unique codes can make a difference in the buyer’s eCommerce journey

31 Mar 2022 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Jalan: Product digitisation completes supply chain transparency

Win trust
Online platforms can be crowded places. Having numerous third-party marketplace vendors, online buyers are increasingly more aware and concerned regarding issues like safety, counterfeiting, product origin, shelf-life, environmental issues. Online buyers in particular would embrace a space of authentic, transparent, and connected products.

Giving every product its unique identity using digital codes lets brands track the journey of each item and convey directly to consumers the product’s provenance, components, sustainability impact, and other things.

Form loyalty
Retailers are greatly optimising reward programs to create consumer loyalty and engagement. Around 75% of buyers report that they are more possible to make a new purchase post receiving a loyalty reward.

Shopping online provides boundless options when it comes to what, where, and ways to shop; providing value to consumers in a consistent, meaningful, and easy way would help brands unlock loyalty by forming direct long-lasting relationships with buyers. Loyalty programs or giving incentives for recycling are simpler to implement and manage with unique product coding as it makes the reward into a frictionless experience for consumers.

Another aspect of loyalty in eCommerce is personalisation as digitised products let marketers promote and communicate more a more impactful way to individuals or groups of consumers.

Automate re-order
Easiness is certainly a crucial driver for online shopping, but it could also be a pain area. The unique code of the digitised packaging acts as proof of purchase and lets easy and intuitive reordering functionality, proven feedback, warranty, and return management criteria. Also, marketers can utilise the same digitised package to direct shoppers to the eCommerce channel of choice.

Optimise passage
Product digitisation completes supply chain transparency, which lets each marketer track and monitor channel performance and effectiveness of the promotion. Having real-time data about buyers’ behavior and preferences, marketers can form and adapt their promotional programs to optimise the return on investment.

The beauty of packaging digitisation is that several objectives can be achieved using one unique code on each package, letting a frictionless experience for buyers. It can achieve both traceability and buyers’ engagement.