Five premium brands that deploy metal, wood, and glass packaging

Using Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), Rushikesh Aravkar, food and drink analyst, Mintel, highlights some of the recent launches in the food and drink market in India.

10 Jan 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team & WhatPackaging? Team

A: LB Ray 100% No Sugar Gulab Jamun Bites
The Gulab Jamun Bites are said to be made with naturally sweet stevia extract. The product retails in a 500g glass bottle, and flexo printed shrink sleeve label and features a minimalistic design. It has a built-in handle to help ease of carrying and retails for Rs 550.

B: Happy Valley Mountain Mist White Tea
This tea is said to be sourced from the highest tea estate in Darjeeling and is described as a stylish delicate tea with a mellow flowery flavour crafted with minimal processing. The tea comes in a flexible metallised film pouch and a rigid wooden box as a primary pack. It retails in a 25g pack for Rs 430.

C: Seeds and Hands Spice Selection Box
This spice box is said to be sourced from authentic,  locally-grown spices and cherry-picked by farmers who harvest high-quality produce. The product retails in a composite box made of multi-layer board with a press-on cap and contains green cardamom pods, unpolished premium black pepper, premium white pepper and cloves. All the spice boxes come in a wooden box, giving it a premium finish. It retails for Rs 1,750 for 405gm.

D: Venetto Hazelnut Milk Chocolate
This chocolate comprises hazelnuts coated with extra fine milk chocolate. The product retails in a 150gm pack in a rigid three-piece metal box. It features a litho and flexo printed self-adhesive label and features embossing to elevate the design. The box has a tamper-evident press on metal cap, has a built-in handle to aid ease of carrying, and retails for Rs 460.

E: The Hillcart Tales Green Embassy Long Leaf Green Tea
This tea is described as a delicate, calming blend with a smooth floral aroma, and delicate taste. The product retails in a 150gm flexo-printed multi-laminate primary pack. The secondary pack is a litho-printed three-piece metal box, and features foil blocking process. It retails for Rs 1,100.

Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) is committed to delivering the highest quality, detailed data on new product launches in the food, drink, beauty, health, and personal care industries, among others. Mintel GNPD combines local and global expertise in 75 countries and tracks packaging-specific characteristics from products around the world to drive the competitive innovation process. The products featured in this article were selected by Rushikesh Aravkar, food and drink analyst, India, Mintel. For more details, visit