10 favourite printers of Kolkata by CRC of CDC Printers

Chittranjan Choudhury (CRC) of CDC Printers, says, “On a lighter note, the list of ten favourite printers in Kolkata would start with CDC and end with CDC. But life cannot be so simple.”

14 Jul 2015 | By PrintWeek India

CRC adds, “It was 2000 when CDC ventured into offset printing. While we were kids on the block, there were a number of very established and big players whom we would admire and look with awe. While most of these printers make it to our list of ten favourite printers of Kolkata, there are also some who have ventured into this business much later and have made a mark in the print industry.
The list (alphabetically) would be :
DuPont Packaging Graphics, briefly

NK Kajaria
Anderson Printing Works With a number of 
firsts to their credit, they have been a print house 
which is synonymous with quality printing.









vinod jain
Art Printing House
A quality printer who believe in thinking big. We have grown up as a printer admiring them.
govardhan sikaria
Calendar Exhibition
They have grown from strength to strength in a very short span of less than 10 years. They are the biggest name for Calendar printing in this part of the country.