Exhibitor Speak: Sangam Khanna of Insight Communication

PrintWeek India speaks to Sangam Khanna, director of Insight Communication, an exhibitor at Pamex 2013.

15 Nov 2013 | By Tanvi Parekh

What are the top trends in the print industry in 2013 in India (at least two or three)?

A common trend in the industry today is low cost printing. It is the need of the hour. This, coupled with value addition is what the printers and the customers seek. On the technological front, packaging, publishing, and semi-commercial printing will flourish.

What makes the Indian marketplace unique, or similar, to the global marketplace?

India’s population and education (literacy) is the main strength for its growth. There is a lot of scope.

How is the changing role of print (through technology and print applications), impacting print firms and print brands?

The situation is like what Darwin said – ‘survival of the fittest’. The ones who do not understand the need of the hour will face a uphill task beyond a point.

Describe what the print industry has been going through for the past three to five years.

The print industry never sleeps. Change is continuous. It is a pleasure to see the young entrepreneurs and well educated new brigade take on the challenges. Today is the time when innovative application is the key. On the whole, the industry is progressing. The margins for some have reduced but the fact is we have to innovate the same way or any way. ‘Print is here to stay; only the format of print may change. Printers will never die (quoted by Yoshiharo Komori President Komori Corporation)

What factors are impacting the Indian print industry and how are you, as an equipment manufacturing/representative, addressing those changing needs?

Innovation. The amount of innovation which print has seen in the last 25 years is 100 times more rapid than the innovation in the previous 100 years. Adaptation of newer technologies, obsolesce of technologies and high cost of newer technologies with the ever changing demand of customers.

Do you carry out research on and use economic data on the local, state and national level? How does that help you plan for the future?

Yes we do. And now we feel that the research will carry us to understand our new verticals which we must address to.

What should a prospective buyer consider when selecting printing equipment?

Flexibility to adapt to the day-to-day needs while keeping in mind the low cost of production is the key.

Availability of replacement parts is quickly becoming an area of concern for the end user. How is that managed?

Every Komori is certified as a zero-defect product. Globally, Komori machines have the least cost of maintenance. We keep a sufficient amount of spares in stock to address the needs of the machines supplied by us. We do carry our preventive serv