The Dogears Bookshop: Giving books what it deserves in Margão

A yellow door, painted compound walls, large sitting areas, and shelves with about 500 titles of children's books, cookbooks, and books on Goa. This is the one-week-old The Dogears Bookshop in Margão., Business

13 Apr 2016 | By Tanvi Parekh

The co-founders, Queenie and Leonard Fernandes, have long been among the written words through an online bookstore by the same name - and their publishing venture CinnamonTeal Publishing.
In a way, the brick-and-mortar version of The Dogears is a mini revolution to put together a cultural space while accommodating activities such as book readings and musical recitals alongside customers browsing through the bookshelves.
"I don't think people will visit a bookstore anymore only to buy books. The bookshop needs to create an environment so that book buying becomes a communal experience; even if that experience is only about the customer talking to the owner. There is a social angle that is missing from the online purchasing experience that a bookshop can provide. Thus, the customers become a part of a larger social group with the co-activities," said Leonard.
After the e-commerce giant Amazon turning the brick-and-mortar way for its books and computer tablet devices, starting November (Amazon has announced its second store on 7 March 2016), this is probably the first time in India one hears this. And there is something more than commercial interest that moved the Fernandes duo to set this little store up in just about 45 days. 
"On our trips to Delhi, we make it a point to visit The Bookshop at Jorbagh. And we come away feeling the need to have one such store, where the space is small yet cozy, and the books are selected for readers who frequent it. You could say that when the opportunity presented itself, we thought of The Bookshop and endeavoured to make it a place where people would feel inclined to just come and sit and make themselves comfortable among books. There are not too many such places in Margao and we hope that The Dogears Bookshop will fill that void," he added.
For now, the store is a go-to stop for books on Goa, children's book and cook books. This means you can probably find the rarest book on Goa and a special children’s book at one go. "That's the plan, yes. Our POD capabilities also allow us to print books that are out of print (and out of copyright). It will take us some time to build such a collection but we will get there. We think that these few genres are genres where people need to see the book for themselves before they buy it. Fiction and other genres can be bought online but few parents will buy a book for their children before they look at it themselves," Leonard said.