One day in the life of a printer - Anil Joshi of K Joshi

Anil Joshi is the third generation of K Joshi whose entry into the printing world started with the establishment of a block-making unit in 1937. The founder, the late Govind Appaji Joshi, worked with Chitrashala Press for 20 years and started block-making unit. In 1947, he started a printing press with block-making under one roof.

15 Jun 2011 | By Staff Writer

When you read your early morning newspaper, besides half tones and colour reproduction you look for ...
The news. However printing is in my blood so then come appearance, colour balance, layout and paper.

When and how do you begin your day?
Early morning I begin my day with three rounds of climbing Parvati Hills and do some stretching exercises. It keeps me fit.

Do you plan your day, meticulously? Or is it ad hoc? Or is there a blue print for the day?
Without planning nothing is possible .Yes, I do plan my day but it does not necessarily work that way because of the unplanned customers.

One person with whom you like to share your daily drive to office! Why?
I don’t drive because my press is on the ground floor and I stay on the first floor.

What’s the first thing you do on entering the office?
I bow down in front of the Almighty and then start off with the daily work.

How frequently do you interact with print production supervisors? What do you discuss, commonly?
Yes we  discuss daily. We discuss print schedules ,commitments, availability of resources etc.

With the fierce competition, high cost of entry and above all - the increasing threat from other media, do you find that traditional ink-on-paper is facing a serious threat to its survival?
Yes, but we need to sell the value added concepts instead of just selling the printed sheets. One stop shop is an added advantage. Innovations are a must to stay in the race.

Which press does the best printing in India? And why?
Of course, it is Pragati, Hyderabad. Broad vision is the key to their success. They follow the systems and have changed with the time.

How do you rate your press as compared to leading printers the world-over?
10 microns, Staccato  speak our quality. In offset printing, we are at par with the leading printers in the world but we lack in finishing the product.

If you won Rs 10 crores through PLAYWIN which printing equipment would you invest in? Why?
ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint + InlineFoilerPrindor + Interdeck UV. I believe opens many doors to other printing media.

Today - we hear of innumerable printing presses closing down or being on the verge of closing down. Why is this happening? And - what does this portend for the future of the industry?
Fear factor is killing the industry. Fear of losing the order if we quote more. Also not changing with the times i.e., not adopting new technology and automation. Not only that labour is a big issue now-a-days. Packaging is the in thing. Specialisation is the key factor in the success of the industry.

The best break through in print technology in the past hundred years?
All the old printing processes being computerised. digital files for designing, CTP, CIP 4 - the computerised data transfer, JDF, computerised settings for all the post press machines. Offset and digital presses  as well as MIS is the key.

Most printers, repro houses and graphics art professionals - complain about the manner in which profit margins are being squeezed. The reasons they cite for this are: unfair under-cutting; increasing presence of canvassers; etc. Are you encountering these problems? If yes, then why - and how?
We are sailing in the same boat with these printers but we are trying to avoid canvassers and trying to contact direct clients for better margins and surety of payment. If you are doing some value addition then you’ll get paid better.

For a working lunch if you meet Johanes Gutenberg (the father of modern printing), what would you talk to him about?
Success story of the printing industry. Also I would discuss about the new trends in Printing Technology and how far will it go.

How do you motivate your sales and marketing team? Any new promotion strategy?
Being a small setup we do not have an exclusive marketing team. 10 micron staccatto is our unique selling point with Kaleido inks . This year we printed wall calendars with this technology.

The most frequently used mantra in your organization! Your corporate philosophy!
Customer is King . Obey the king.

The craziest deadline, you've come across?
216 pages four colour A4 size (54 sets) printed in a single day, quantity 500, books delivered the next day.

Your favourite excuse to your family when you’re late?
There was a problem with the job. Customer with an urgent job requirement came. Rescheduling of the jobs in the night needed to be done.

Has the domination of the printing industry reached a plateau with the arrival of new competitors?
Yes,Of Course.This is a truth which nobody can deny. Survival of the fittest is the key.

Please comment of the technology and machines (press / prepress / postpress / others) that you have invested in, in the past few years?
Mitsubishi, Diamond 1000 LS , Kodak CTP – Trendsetter 800 Quantum with square spot with Prinergy full version 10 and 20 micron staccato with Epson 9880 with Kodak Matchprint, Horizon folding and Perfect binding, Thermal lamination,Case making, Perfecta 45" cutting machine, Moragana numbering machine, LCK wire-o-wire machine, section sewing, foil stamping, UV coater.

In India – the two most important barriers are technology and cost! What advise do you have for the printer?
This industry is driven by passion . Passionate people are the leaders.In India, you need to invest in automated machinary which will require minimum labour and has huge capacity. If you do not have the latest technology you are out of the race. It is like who comes first, egg or chicken?

How do you stay in touch with technological developments?
Attending DRUPA and IPEX and other Indian exhibitions as well as seminars. Plus reading magazines and surfing the internet.

Please comment on your official view on CTP technology and digital printing.
For commercial printing, thermal technology is better than the Violet for producing 10 microns. But new developments in Violet are also catching up in the commercial market. Offset and digital presses will go hand in hand in future. If you say "no to digital" you’ll be at a loss. Digital inket web will sell like a hot cake.

One person with whom you would like to have a FACE TO FACE!
Sachin Tendulkar, the wonder boy of the Indian cricket. We have so many things to learn from him like passion, hard work, consistency, humble, sincerity. He likes to keep a low profile. Moral and ethics are the words which he livesl

Your mantra?
Diversification is a must to support the setup. It will help to run your business smoothly.

Your favourite adda: Vaishali Restaurant on FC Road.
Your favourite paan: Maghai
Your favourite cellphone: Nokia E-71
Your favourite pen: Cross
Your favourite car: Toyota Fortuner
Wrist watch: Casio