Canon Technical Excellence Centre at Noida in UP

A day dedicated to a demonstration session for customer at the 40,000 sqft space at the centre, comprises of class room technology presentation, live demo and media testing on equipment

05 Sep 2018 | By PrintWeek India

Why a demo centre?
Following our motto of ‘Delighting you always,’ we at Canon India, established the concept of Canon Technical Excellence Centre (CTEC) as part of our commitment to keep our customers’ satisfaction benchmarks as best in the industry. We wanted to create a centre that is unparalleled in the industry with the various facets of customer centricity across our product range. The center is used for primarily increasing the technical skills and product skills of both Canon India (CIPL) personnel as well as our partner personnel. It also houses our technical support infrastructure across various customer and partner outreach activities. The center is spread across 40,000 sq/ft area filled with technical excellence, which rises through its each floor of rejuvenation, demonstration, learning, skill, expertise and social responsibility. Each floor represents state-of-the-art infrastructure which aids in technological advancement to increase efficiency and delight customers.

Machines on the floor 
The CTEC houses the complete range of Canon’s product range especially our professional printing products. It has a dedicated space for demonstration of the high-end commercial printing products like DreamLabo 5000 (Canon’s production photo for wedding photo printing), Oce production printing systems (one of the world’s fastest and most productive family of digital perfecting printing systems) and inkjet as well as toner-based wide-format printers.

How is it done?
Technical training, demonstrations, product testing and simulation can all be witnessed at the CTEC facility. All demonstrations are well planned and availability of resources is also considered before committing to any demonstration. A day dedicated to a demonstration session for customer comprises of class room technology presentation, live demo and media testing on equipment, followed by customer visits if required. Partners as well as Canon engineers through the available training and demonstrations enhance their technical skills from basic to proficient levels of product situations. The CTEC on an average conducts 5,000-6,000 hours training every year in collaboration with 1,500 engineers nationally.

We have customers from all over India that visit CTEC apart from partner and partner personnel almost every week.

What’s special?
One of the thoughts behind establishing the CTEC was the need for constant upgradation of skills of our service personnel. As product lifecycles are getting shorter and version ups are even faster there is a need to transfer this new knowledge along with the skills required to comprehend the product. The CTEC has become a hub for dissemination of the knowledge and thus skill up-gradation.

We intend to maintain the ethos of CTEC to be towards delight of our customers through skill up-gradation and product demonstration. We have closed group meetings and demonstrations as and when required that also act as networking sessions for participants. As of now, we have not firmed up any plans for an annual event.

As a green initiative at the CTEC, old machines from Canon buyers and owners are brought back from the field to be checked and tested and redeployed if needed or scrapped as per e-waste norms laid down by the government. As a true global company, we harness our relationship not only with our customers and communities but also with nations. We take every step to keep our planet green.

Apprenticeship for students
We have an apprenticeship plan for technical students as mandated by government of India and of course they undergo the same at the CTEC prior to getting skills on the job.

The CTEC is a multi-level experiential zone which not only focuses on technicalities of knowledge dissemination and skill building but also on live demonstrations and networking among peer groups. Keeping in mind the social responsibility, CTEC also takes vital steps towards nurturing the environment and supports sustainable development in order to conserve energy.

•    Kazutada Kobayashi, president and CEO, Canon India, inaugurated the CTEC on 22 December 2016  
•    The centre has products from both commercial printing and wide-format printing installed within premises. Apart from that it has products from all divisions within Canon India (CIPL) from cameras to printers etc that are present within CTEC

Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 

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