We need to blend into the future with balance: Prasoon Joshi

“We often think that the symbols, colours, phrases in a particular time are all organic and may overlook from where they emanate. But if we look closely, they tell a story; they minutely manifest the change in the mindset of not just the consumer but a societal collective,” said Prasoon Joshi, CEO and CCO, McCann Worldgroup India, while writing exclusively for Campaign India on subliminal changes while reflecting on what 2017 holds for marketing.

15 Feb 2017 | By PrintWeek India

Joshi focused on the importance of observation. “For, advertising and creativity doesn’t exist in a silo, it borrows from life around, at times echoing it and in some cases anticipating and amplifying the subtle changes around the corner,” he said, giving the example of the choice of food. “What we aspire to eat in some ways is a function of what descended upon us from the so-called affluent and powerful class of our times. This all comes through a learnt behaviour because if we look at spontaneous behaviour – best found in children – it necessarily doesn’t have this economic food hierarchy,” he added.

Joshi said this can be seen in across segments. “In fact, everywhere there’s a hierarchy that gradually gets implanted. Is this a new reality? Not really, for it must have been like this in the ancient times as well. The ones who rule – their culture, language, dress sense, food – must have been aspirational,” he argued.

According to Joshi, power influences where key symbols stand overtly or subliminally in our life, or whether a particular language will be seen as an ‘in’ thing or cool or aspirational. This is why, he believes in India, the use of local language and dialects and phrases will only grow. This will be a new kind of ‘influencer marketing’.

“Also, as India progresses on the economic growth arch, we could see a new-found confidence in products and brands that are created locally. We could see a revival of Indian formal wear. FMCG brands will see newer local players. We will also witness the spurt in entrepreneurship and many eager to bud and flower brands. The leading brands, on the other hand, will require to increasingly take into cognisance the Indian socio-economic context, and build brand strategies around more purpose-driven marketing and communication, which several brands today are doing,” he said.

Joshi said the millennials are a conscious lot and they will empower themselves more with knowledge about where and how the products they consume come from and the impact they have on a larger scale. “Let’s not forget though that change has one key aspect built in. Blending. The subtle moulding into the shapes and forms best suited for the times. So overnight changes would be few, but a lot would be put in motion.”

Finally, Joshi said the ability to strike a balance will define the changes that happen and the changes we can make happen.

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