Arvind Singhal: Quest for quality is a never-ending process

In the rapid fire series, PrintWeek India asks eleven questions about print and beyond to Arvind Singhal, founder director of Square Vision India, Haridwar. It is a Haridwar-based pharma packaging company.

16 May 2018 | By PrintWeek India

What is the greatest strength of your printing firm?
Our greatest strength lies in our multi-product portfolio and our ability to serve smallest of clients.
Which living print person do you most admire? Why?
Ms Amila Singhvi of International Print O Pac. Because she is the only lady in the industry who achieved tremendous growth independently.
What do you consider the most overrated virtue in printing?
Comfortable costing patterns for short-run jobs.
Which print technology, according to you, is the future? Why?
Offset printing will be the future as it offers a huge variety of jobs and caters to a  major chunk of clients.
Which words or phrases or jargon you overuse?
Unhealthy competition. 
If you could change one thing about your printing plant, what would it be?
Couple of equipment provided the replacement cost is affordable.
If you were to die and come back as a printing press or software, what would it be?
Printing inks, as no printing process is complete without ink.
A technology or a thought process you think is a passé for 21st century press?
Wet film lamination because of end-customers demand variety of coatings.
What is your favourite Made in India print brand?
ITC, as it has the maximum variety of papers.
What do you most value in your customers?
Trust, as business is all about trusting all your supply chain and other business partners.
What is your print motto?
Our motto is to deliver quality material within desired timeframe.
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