Amit Shah: We don’t follow industry trends

Amit Shah of Spectrum Scan attended the Power Lunch at the MMS Roundtable (third edition). He belonged to the group, point of sale - new trends. Shah spoke to the PrintWeek India team about innovation.

04 Mar 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Amit Shah of Spectrum Scan

Are we moving too slowly - as compared to the other industries?
Not really... we have to move and grow above GDP if we want to be future ready. 

What should a modern press look like in terms of innovation on the shopfloor?
It should be a mix of hardware and soft combined with extended value-addition of the machine and process. 

Do you have to be much more innovative than your counterparts of a similar scale?
We can’t say we have to be more innovation that our counterpart. But we can say we have lots of innovative ideas.

How do you cope with that, constantly learning new innovations?
To learn or understand new ideas. For this, we have to visit trade shows and visit markets in different countries. 

What is the most innovative skillset you’ve had to develop in your team? Print or business and management?
There is no particular trait out the three you have mentioned. In my opinion, all three have to be aligned. I will add motivation if one wants to learn new things. 

In terms of creating innovation, do you invest in R&D in your organisation or you follow industry trends?
We certainly invest in process/machines and R&D as per our understanding. We don’t follow industry trends 

What drives innovation? Is it a necessity or technology?
First is motivation. Second, keeping pace with every demanding customer’s needs so that it will force us to look into different process and technology and new approaches. 

Almost all print companies have diversified into new markets or applications – what is the key to that? How are you spotting opportunities?
It’s difficult to say. I feel opportunities can be spotted easily. One has to create opportunities. At all times we have to keep changing the goalpost as per the market dynamics. 

How do you measure creative success within your organisation?
If you create the Wow factor. You have succeeded with your innovation. 

What about automation? Is automation an area that manufacturers can help in? If yes, how?
Yes, but in India due to cost compulsion one has to have a balanced approach about automation and manual work.

What are the key challenges facing your vertical in the industry?
Cost and value addition and the ability to reach out to an all India market. 

The culture of print businesses 20 years ago is very different from what it is now. How do we make print more attractive?
Again it’s your own aptitude to introduce new print and solutions which will make it more attractive.

One innovation in our industry you hope to see in 2030?
Re-using of paper in the same machine. That is, the print on paper should be wiped clean and re-used on the same machine.