51 Questions: Aditya Patwardhan, director, Manohar Packaging

Chances are that the carton and the label of the liquor bottle you opened last evening, after a long day at Labelexpo India 2016, were printed at a Manohar Packaging facility, located either in Goa or in Vasai. It’s an easy guess, as the company is the master in the segment and one of the biggest in the country. With Aditya Patwardhan at the helm of affairs, Manohar, which is into integrated labels, cartons, canisters and POP/POS, claims to create packaging that makes an impact.

19 Nov 2016 | By PrintWeek India

1. What is the story behind your firm’s name?

It was the name of the company that Nishikant Shirodkar’s father used to work for before Independence. Later, he acquired the company and the name stuck. We believe the name is lucky for us.  

2. When was the last time a job got rejected?

Likely, an entire job is never rejected. But we may have one or two minor complains in a month, which can be easily sorted out.

3. The one thing you like about label?

Stress, stress and more stress. I am a sucker for punishment.

4. What is your favourite label?

My favourite label is always the last one we develop.

5. Your favourite – shrink sleeve or in-mould label?


6. If you could work in another label firm, which one would it be?

The US-based company CCL Label.

7. Can you change the anilox on your press?


8. What does inspection means to you?

A combination of automation and human intervention.

9. The best compliment from a print buyer?


10. Your most innovative label?

The Signature Rare Aged Whisky

11. The first thing you do when you see a label on a beer bottle?

Feel the substrate, feel the print quality, and then open the bottle.

12. Do you think the future of labels is huge?

Definitely. Labels cannot disappear.

13. What is your favourite narrow-web label process?

For now, its rotary offset.

14. The first thing you notice when you enter your shopfloor?

Neatness, cleanliness, hygiene.

15. Toughest colour to print? Cadbury Purple? Bank of Baroda Orange?

Bank of Baroda Orange.

16. What are your least favourite things about labels?

Lots of work; low turnover.

17. What was the one book you read about labels which is a must-read?

I am currently reading the book The Handbook of Label Technology.

18. One comment by a print buyer that made you lament?

Can’t think of anything right now.

19. What is the last thing you do before you exit the plant?

Make sure that I have completed my task for the day.

20. What jobs are you doing right now?

No 1 Whisky on machine one, Mad of Donut in machine two, Officer’s Choice Red in my flexo machine one, Officer’s Choice Blue in my flexo machine two.

21. If you were a press manufacturer, what would be the one thing you would do?

Create a fine balance among cost of engineering, cost of spares and cost of machine.

22. Your favourite ink?


23. Who is the one person you talk to on the phone whenever there is an emergency?

My general manager Felix Solomon.

24. Labelexpo India or Brussels?

Now, both seem to be on par, but the beer is better in Brussels.

25. Favourite post-press operation?

Foil stamping.

26. If you could re-print your hair colour on your press, which special colour will you use?

No clue.

27. The last investment you made?

We just confirmed a Heidelberg XL 105, seven-colour press plus flexo coater.

28. What kind of investment would you like to make?

We would like to make many small investments in our cartons division – smaller value-added machines.

29. Tough to print, in summer, winter or monsoon?

Monsoon, as our factory is in Goa; because of highest level of humidity.

30. Self-glue vs wet glue?


31. Favourite die-maker?


32. Favourite operator in your press?

All our operators are good. They have been with us for a long time and they have grown with us.

33. Favourite printing factory to visit?

My own, any time.

34. What is the last factory you visited?

Our own factory day before yesterday.

35. Do you have an invention which is your own?

In terms of patented inventions, no. In terms of end-products, we have many unique solutions.

36. Favourite sound on the shopfloor?

The counter on the pasting machine.

37. What is the longest run-length job you have produced?

Reliance Jio. It’s as long as we can manufacture.

38. The shortest run?

2,000 sheets.

39. What is the special talent at your firm?

A good mix of pre-press, press, post-press, harmoniously put together.

40. Favourite motto?

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

41. One rule in your firm which you repeat again and again?

Are you sure? Are you 100% sure? Did you triple-check?

42. Favourite celebrity you would like to visit your firm?

MS Dhoni.

43. ISO or FTA?


44. What’s your dot gain?

No clue.

45. The first label press you saw?


46. Which has been the toughest to print? Vignette or microtext?


47. Most stocked substance in your godown?

Cast coated paper.

48. One set of standards which has set you apart from the competition?

We leave it to the buyers to decide that.

49. What’s the comfort zone you would want a label designer to get out of?

Remember that the end-use of the design would be on a print machine, not on a computer screen.

50. Favourite brand which uses a label best?


51. What would be the title of your autobiography?

A Life Less Ordinary.